61st place in the "Financial Times" Executive MBA ranking! Kozminski University's Executive MBA is once again among the TOP programs in the world!


The "Financial Times" has ranked the top 100 Executive MBA programs in the world. It is dominated by international and even intercontinental programs. The leading programs include studies with the participation of Asian universities, especially Chinese. Highly ranked are well-known business schools such as: HEC, LBS, ESCP Europe, INSEAD, IESE, IE, IMD and the universities of Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and Yale. Among the ranked universities there is only one Polish university - Kozminski University, which took the 61st place, having been promoted by as many as 13 positions in relation to the previous year.

- "The success of the Executive MBA program at Kozminski is due to the professional achievements of subsequent groups of graduates. These are the oldest studies of this type in Poland, which we have been conducting continuously since 1989. Over 5,000 students have graduated so far". - says Prof. Witold T. Bielecki, Rector of Kozminski University.

The "FT" states that the highest scored criteria is the increase in graduates' earnings after finishing the program. The ranking doesn't consider graduates employed in the public sector or any NGOs. Also an importan criteria is the internationalization of the program and diversity of the students and lecturers.

The EMBA program at Kozminski provides knowledge in all areas related to management, including finance, production organization, marketing, HR, new technologies, personal development and improvement of leadership skills. Elements of gamification are being used as part of the courses.

A lot of time has to be reserved for learning: 600 teaching hours during the academic year, and a 1,5 week long study trip to our partner university ESCP Europe. However, it is difficult to assimilate a lot of material in a shuch a short time and still find room for self-improvement.

Therefore, among the listeners, private entrepreneurs are starting to admit more frequently, who see education as an opportunity for the development of their own companies. The majority of students are people focused on corporate careers. The admission requirements for the program include several years of professional experience and to pass the GMAT qualification exam.

The importance of MBA studies in the Polish economy is growing year by year. Only a few years ago, specialist managerial education at the post-graduate level was not a key prerequisites in the recruitment process for top management positions. Today, the possession of an MBA diploma is a prerequisite for recruitment processes for positions such as CEO (both in private and public companies).

Where in the world should you study on an MBA program? The "FT" ranking suggests not only which universities received the highest marks, but also in which country there is the greatest demand for this type of managerial education.
Undoubtedly, China is the clear winner here.

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