"Wprost" Ranking - Kozminski Valued by Employers


The most valued by employers as a private University is… Kozminski University - according to a survey of the 500 largest companies in Poland. The survey is based on a university ranking published on March 18, 2013 in “WPROST”. The top ten most valued universities voted by employers were eight technology universities , and the winner was the Warsaw University of Technology.

The “WPROST” ranking is different from other rankings as it uses different methodologies to create the ranking. In fact, it gives information about the number and quality of graduates obtained by the largest companies (according to revenue). Kozminski University placed 14th  in the general ranking, and this is good news for current and future students. IN the top 50 universities within this ranking only 8 were private universities, and out of 470 universities across the country, 132 were public while 338 were private.

Leaving KU every year are  approximately a thousand graduates. Kozminski University Graduates find employment in both large as well as smaller companies, and many of them start their own businesses. The education students receive is universal and suitable for today's job market. Educating students in the fields of management and finance and accounting – studies can also be conducted in English. Students are prepared for an international career, and many of them are looking for work in major financial markets, including in London. Most law graduates are employed by law firms or other justice institutions.

The technological universities  high ratings in the "WPROST" ranking is not surprising. The list of top 500 companies comprised and was dominated by industrial companies that prefer to hire engineers.

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