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Meet our internationalised lecturers

KU is not only students from 75 countries, it is also a staff that is active at prestigious world universities.

Professor Dariusz Jemielniak, Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies

For the last quarter of a century he has been spending 3 years in Poland and a year in the USA, carrying out research projects. Between 2004-2005 studied radar engineers for the U.S. ArmyCornell University, at the Faculty of Anthropology. In 2007-2008 went to Harvard University (Center for European Studies) and University of California Berkeley (Department of Sociology), to study programmers from the Silicon Valley and Route 128. 2011-2012 - Harvard University (Labor and Worklife Center), where he studied professional lawyer culture.  

Between 2015-2016 went back to Harvard University (Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society) and, in parallel, to MIT (Center for Collective Intelligence), as a researcher on community of open collaboration. Since 2015 - a faculty associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society. Spend 2019-2020 researching the Internet communities at Harvard and MIT.


ALK, w konsorcjum z SWPS oraz Warszawskim Uniwersytetem Medycznym, wygrała II Konkurs GOSPOSTRATEG

Tomasz Olejniczak, PhD, Department of Management

In 2018 went on an 8-month research leave funded by the Japanese Studies Fellowship Programme to the Faculty of Management at the University of Tokyo . The main goal  was to study the longevity of Japanese companies and develop continuity theory in cooperation with Prof. Toshio Goto from our partner university, Japan University of Economics. At the same time, together with his colleagues from Hosei University, he summarized a 3-year research project on hybridisation of Japanese companies in Central and Eastern Europe.  

During 8 months he visited 30 companies and corporate museums, participated in 15 scientific seminars, delivered 11 papers, wrote 9 cases and wrote the article "Measuring Change in Hybrid Factories: Longitudinal Study of Japanese Manufacturing Subsidiaries in Poland", summarising result of the research. The publication was awarded by Palgrave Macmillan and AJBS for the best scientific article at the joint conference of the Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS) and the Academy of International Business (AIB) in Copenhagen.



KU Professor, Aneta Hryckiewicz-Gontarczyk, Division of Economic Empirical Analysis

She obtained her PhD at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Wharton University sholarship holder. Researcher and lecturer at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main and at Kozminski University. Visiting professor at IESEG Business School in Prague, Catholic University of Lille, Singapore Management University and University of Florence. Lecturer at the Executive MBA Program, Duke-Goethe Business School and Euro*MBA.

Professor Aneta Hryckiewicz