AIDA is an international association of insurance lawyers, which has been established in order to promote and develop the international and national insurance law.

AIDA’s aim is to propose measures with a view to the insurance industry adopting them at a national and international level, leading to harmonisation of insurance law or means for resolution of insurance disputes.

AIDA cooperates with scientific institutions dealing with insurance law at the national and international level.

The official languages of AIDA are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. AIDA colloquia and Working Party meetings are often organised with simultaneous interpretation facilities to enable participation in several languages.

We kindly invite to visit other websites of AIDA’s Polish National Chapter.


In active way we contribute to the development of insurance law in Poland and in Europe for the benefit of the society.



We create vivid, internationally oriented organization of lawyers from the market, universities and regulators.



  1. developing the insurance law and monitoring the trends of its development;
  2. supporting research in insurance law;
  3. contributing to the goals and projects of AIDA Europe and AIDA World;
  4. channeling the communication and knowledge transfer between Poland and other countries (both ways);
  5. promoting knowledge in the field of insurance law
  6. integration of insurance lawyers in Poland and worldwide

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Executive Secretariat 

Research Council