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Project duration:
03.01.2022 – 31.12.2024
2 181 202,74 PLN
Government funding:
1 963 082,47 PLN

Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the STER Internationalization of Doctoral Schools program (2021)

THE MAIN GOAL OF THE PROJECT IS to create a leading and internationally recognised doctoral school in the area of management and business administration and related sciences like sociology, economics, and business law in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The development of the KU Doctoral School is in line with KU’s mission, especially regarding internationalisation and research. THE PROJECT IS AIMED AT THE DEVELOPMENT AND FURTHER INTERNATIONALISATION OF KU – AND THE KU DOCTORAL SCHOOL IN PARTICULAR – IN 5 DIMENSIONS:

  • acquisition of foreign doctoral students
  • scholarships for the best foreign and Polish doctoral students
  • foreign mobility for the best doctoral students from Poland and abroad
  • internationalisation “at home”
  • development of international cooperation of doctoral schools.
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THE TARGET GROUP of the project are:

THE PLAN IS TO HAVE 12 STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM THE PROJECT - doctoral students from Poland and abroad, carrying out doctoral projects in an international collaborative setting, interested in research in addition to having excellent academic transcripts. The programme is open to graduates from various disciplines (management, finance, economics, law, engineering, psychology, and other disciplines related to finance), aiming to make significant theoretical and methodological contributions to social sciences. The key factor determining the selection of doctoral students to be admitted will be their research and scientific interests and their motivation, not their country of origin. KU intends to compete for students domestically and internationally. We assume that 50% of our students will be foreigners (scholarships of PLN 5,000 per month for 6 best students with the best academic record) for the duration of the project.

As part of the project we have planned the following ACTIVITIES:

THE FIRST STAGE OF THE PROJECT will focus on attracting doctoral students from abroad. Promotion of the doctoral school is considered to be crucial to attracting the best student - and faculty - talent. The plan is for the school to actively participate in the doctoral programmes networks and conferences related to doctoral education - EMAC, EFMD, and EDAMBA. In order to attract attention, the plan is to prepare promotional materials (a video about KU, KU research and doctoral school), design a website, manage the social media content accordingly, etc. KU will also organise an international conference where doctoral students and early-career researchers will be presenting their research projects.

In order to develop the KU Doctoral School in CEE, it is necessary to attract the best talent not only from Poland but also from abroad. In order to make it happen, KU will need to offer study conditions comparable to those offered at other highly ranked HEIs. These would include: scholarships for the best 6 students, financed participation in international seminars, summer doctoral schools, doctoral colloquia and conferences (EMAC, EURAM, EIBA, GWOC), mobility for students under co-tutelle agreements (Trinity Business School, Maastricht University, University of Hull or BI Norwegian Business School).  

Foreign research trips are planned for the best doctoral students, which will depend on their academic results for the previous academic year and scientific publications. The final number of PhD students qualified for the research trip and the length of stay will depend on the implementation of individual research plans during the project, with the rule that one trip lasts from 1 to 10 months.

The internationalization of the doctoral school also requires undertaking activities for the development of the academic staff. As part of the development and internationalization of the academic staff of Kozminski University, 6-month trips of three academic employees of the University to leading universities in Europe and the USA, such as: Harvard University, Yale University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, are planned as part of the project.


  • the achievement of the strategic goals related to the internationalisation of the KU Doctoral School
  • the development of the KU Doctoral School
  • strengthening the reputation of KU as a research centre
  • increasing the recognisability of KU and Polish science in the international arena
  • establishment of relationships with partner HEIs
  • establishment of research relationships between faculty members and doctoral students
  • increased level of internationalisation of KU's staff and doctoral students
  • educating doctoral students who may become KU’s future teaching and research faculty
  • preparing the faculty to conduct high-quality research on an international scale
  • increased engagement of researchers from leading research institutions in teaching at KU
  • making use of the experience gained from the STER programme to improve the quality of teaching offered by the KU Doctoral School.

3 short videos about the KU Doctoral School

Kozminski University Doctoral School

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