Promotion of Science 

Distinguished lectures 

One of the key elements of internationalizing in the area of education is the cycle called Distinguished Lectures, where internationally acclaimed authorities run lectures for the whole community of Kozminski University. The content of lectures is further published in the special publishing series. So far we have been favored with the lectures of such prominent representatives of the world of science and education as:

  •     R. Mundell (Nobel Prize winner in 1999),
  •     Vito Tanzi (International Monetary Fund),
  •     D. Mario Nuti (London Business School, University of Rome),
  •     Mario I. Blejer (International Monetary Fund),
  •     Donald Jonston (OECD), Janos Kornai (Harvard University),
  •     Jacque de Larosiere, Douglas North,
  •     Thomas Sattelberger (the Chairman of Lufthansa),
  •     Ephraim Kleiman (Hebrew University in Jerusalem),
  •     Christopher Hill (USA ambassador),
  •     Hermann Simon (London Business School),
  •     Jacob Frenkel (the Chairman of the Central Bank of Israel),
  •     Carlos A. Margarinos (General Director of UNIDO), 
  •     Robert J. McIntyre (UNDP).

 Issue 21 in 2010 of Distinguished Lectures was the last issued as a separate publication. Their publishing continuation may be further found in MBA magazine. 

List of Journals
Robert A. Mundell Nobel Prize Winner in Economics 1999The International Financial Architecture. The Euro Zone and its Enlargement in Eastern EuropeNo. 1
Vito TanziThe Rise of the New Economy and Its Implication for Fiscal PolicyNo. 2
D. Mario NutiNot 'Just Another Accession'No. 3
Mario I. BlejerAsian Crisis Four Years Later and Its Implications for Emerging Market EconomiesNo. 4
Donald JohnstonFuture Economic Challenges for the European EconomyNo. 5
Janos KornaiThe Role of the State in a Post-Socialist EconomyNo. 6
Douglass C. North Nobel Prize Winner in Economics 1993Understanding Economic Change and Economic GrowthNo. 7
Jacques de LarosièreEvolution of the International Financial SystemNo. 8
Jacob A. FrenkelThe Global Economy: Strong Fundamentals versus Financial VulnerabilitiesNo. 9 
Carlos A. MagariñosTowards a Relevant Development Policy Research AgendaNo. 10
Stanley FischerGlobalization and Its ChallengesNo. 11
Carlos A. Magariños Pensions Policies in the European Union. A Burden for New Members?No. 12
Robert A. Mundell Nobel Prize Winner in Economics 1999The International Monetary System and the Case for a World CurrencyNo. 13
Dale W. JorgensonInformation Technology and the World EconomyNo. 14
Aleksander NekipielovPublic Preferences and their Role in Shaping Russian Economic DevelopmentNo. 15
Justin Yifu LinLessons of China's Transition from a Planned Economy to a Market EconomyNo. 16
John WilliamsonDiffering Interpretations of the Washington ConsensusNo. 17
Anne O. KruegerA 'Continuous Adventure': The Pursuit of Stability and Growth in Modern EconomiesNo. 18
Shyam SunderBetter Corporate Governance: what, why and how?No. 19
Robert J. Aumann Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics 2005Game EngineeringNo. 20
Edward C. PrescottThe Depressed U.S. Economy and its Consequences for the Polish Economy No.21