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Department of Accounting


History of scientific positions:
Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Kozminski University
Professor, Kristianstad University (Sweden)
Associate Fellow, The Potsdam Center for Policy and Management, Potsdam University (Germany)
Associate Professor, Kristianstad University (Sweden)
Research Fellow, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University
Visiting Professor, University of Sydney
Visiting Professor, Victoria University of Wellington
Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Siena
Lecturer, School of Economics, University of Viterbo
Scholarships/ / Awards:
Emerald Award 2015 Outstanding Reviewer.
Articles in scientific journals:
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Scientific Activities
  • 2016–2019 Measurement and communication of performance in higher education sector. A comparative study of Poland and Nordic countries
  • 2015 The process of public sector accounting change as a result of IPSAS adoption in the Iberian Penisula
  • 2015 Accountability patterns and performance measurement in co- production of public services
  • –2005 Corporate Governance of mixed public-privatecompanies. The experience in Italy and in other European countries
Editing of scientific journal:
  • 2016, Member of the International Editorial Board, Journal of Management & Governance, Springer.
  • 2016, Reviewer, UTILITIES POLICY
  • 2015, Reviewer, Financial Accountability & Management
  • 2015, Reviewer, PUBLIC MONEY & MANAGEMENT
  • 2015, Reviewer, "International Journal of Public Sector Management"
  • 2015, Editorial Advisory Board, "International Journal of Public Sector Management"
  • 2015, Editorial Advisory Board, "Management Business Administration Central Europe"
  • 2014, Editorial Advisory Board, International Review of Public Administration
  • 2013, Editorial Advisory Board, Review of Applied Management Studies
  • 2012, Special Issue Editor: "Innovations in Accounting, Performance Management and Management. International trends", BALTIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT
  • 2009, Guest Editor, PUBLIC MONEY & MANAGEMENT
  • 2008, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services
  • 2003, Editorial Advisory Board, Azienda Pubblica. Teoria ed Esperienze di Management, Maggioli Editore
Participation in conferences:
  • QRAM Journal Workshop, 2018
  • 7th EconWorld Conference, 2018
  • EIASM Conference International Public Sector Conference, 2016
Membership in organizations:
Additional Information
Institute of Public Management, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Italian Ministry of Interior
World Bank
Department of Public Function, Italian Prime Ministry Office