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Department of Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Business


Articles in scientific journals:
  • BOCHNIARZ Z., Lipiec J. (2014), , PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚĆ I ZARZĄDZANIE, 7, s.131-142
  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2013), , ERUDITIO, 2, s.-
Chapter in monographs:
  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2015), 'The Role of Social Capital in Cluster and Regions' Performance: Comparing Aerospace Cases from Poland and USA' in: 'Innovations and emerging technologies for the prosperity and quality of life', Małgorzata Runiewicz- Wardyn, POLTEXT
  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2015), 'Transformation of the aviation industry in Central and Eastern Europe: Czech Republic and Poland' in: 'The global commercial aviation industry', Soren Erickson, Harm- Jan Steenhuis, ROUTLEDGE
  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2015), 'Could an Industrial Cluster create a Shared Value in Education? The Case of Aviation Valley in Poland' in: 'Clusters as a Driving Power of the European economy', Marisa Helfer, Farnham, NOMOS
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  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2014), 'Social Capital and Business Sustainability: Defining, Measuring and Assessing its Impact on Cluster Performance in the Podkarpackie Region of Poland' in: 'Challenges, Performances and Tendencies in the Organization Management', Nicolescu ., WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBL CO PTE LTD
  • BOCHNIARZ Z. (2012), 'Avoiding Conflicts between Energy and Food Security in Alternative Climate Change Policies: American and Japanese Experiences (COA)' in: 'Sustainable Development and Energy Security of the World and Ukrainian Regions: Conflicts, Policy, Green Technologies', Karaeva N., NTUU- 'KPI'
Scientific Activities
  • 2013–2015 'Effective Clusters: The Base for Innovation and the Source of Sustainable Regional Development'
  • 2011–2013 'Assessing Significance of Alternative Climate Change Policies in Greenhouse Gazes Reduction and Avoiding Conflicts between Energy and Food Security: American and Japanese Experiences'
  • 2010–2013 'Comparative Analysis of Cluster Development and their Impact on Competitiveness and Prosperity'
Participation in conferences:
  • 'International Humphrey Fellows workshop', 2015
  • , 2015
  • 'Poland- US Innovation Program Symposium on Clusters and Regional Economic Development', 2015
  • 'The 1st Cluster World Congress', 2015
  • 'European Cluster Days', 2015
  • 'INWAC Annual Conference ', 2015
  • 'Annual PNAA Conference', 2015
  • 'The 17th Global TCI Conference', 2014
  • 'International Workshop on: Trans- disciplinary Science of Society', 2014
  • 'RSMS Conference: Challanges, Performances and Tendencies in the Organization Management', 2014
  • 'The 48th Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference: Aerospace Clusters and their Contributions to Regional Economies', 2014
  • 'The II Podkarpackie Territorial Forum', 2014
  • 'Annual Faculty Workshop at the Harvard Business School', 2013
  • 'European Forum For New Ideas 2013', 2013
  • 'Conference of the Rzeszów University of Technology celebrating XX years of the Management Department', 2013
  • 'IV Innovations Forum', 2013
  • , 2013
  • ' Annual Faculty Workshop at the Harvard Business School', 2012
  • 'International Conference on Engineering & Business Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship', 2012
  • , 2012
  • 'The 14th International Conference on Sustainable Development & Eco- innovation', 2012
  • 'International Conference on Humanities and the COntemporary World', 2012
  • 'The 7th World Economy Research Institute's Annual Conference on Innovation and Education: Drivers of National and Regional Competitiveness in the 21st Century', 2012
  • 'Annual Faculty Workshop at the Harvard Business School', 2011
  • 'European Forum of New Ideas', 2011
  • , 2011
  • 'Strategic Planning Workshop of the Polish- American Chamber of Commerance- Pacific- Northwest', 2011
  • 'Polish- German Conference: Polish Ecological Valley - COP XXI', 1970