Information card 


Department of Marketing


Performed academic and organizational function:
, Kozminski University
Guest lectures in foreign or national academies/ universities:
ISC Paris School of Management, France
Scholarships/ / Awards:
Fulbright Junior Research Award (Fulbright).
Rector's award for research.
Scholarship for PhD students.
Rector's Scholarship for 5% of best students.
Articles in scientific journals:
  • GÓRSKA A. (2017), Perception of Women in Top Managerial Positions in Poland, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CENTRAL EUROPE., 1, s.16-32
  • GÓRSKA A. (2016), Women in Top Managerial Positions, Journal of Academic Perspectives, 3, s.1-20
  • GÓRSKA A. (2016), Gender Differences in Leadership, STUDIA I MATERIAŁY, 20, s.135-144
Chapter in monographs:
  • GÓRSKA A. (2017), Perception on female candidates for managerial positions- how does the experience of the recruiter influences perception in: Notebooks of Top15 program, Podgórski B., Warsaw, AKADEMIA LEONA KOŹMIŃSKIEGO, s.51- 64
  • GÓRSKA A. (2016), Personal Brand Building Through LinkedIn in: The Impact of the Digital World on Management and Marketing, Grzegorz Mazurek, Jolanta Tkaczyk, Warsaw, KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITYx7_1, s.245-258
  • GÓRSKA A., Matyaszczyk M. (2016), Entrepeneurs dillemas in: Entrepreneurship. Case studies, Agnieszka Brzozowska, Igor Postuła, Paweł Kłobukowski, Warsaw, WYDZIAŁ ZARZĄDZANIA UNIWERSYTETU WARSZAWSKIEGO, s.193-205
  • GÓRSKA A. (2016), Student Personal Brand Building Through Social Media in: Proceedings of the24th CEEMAN Annual Conference: Management Education for a Digital World, Michael Minkov, CEEMAN, s.62-63
Scientific Activities
National projects:
  • 2016.07.14–2019.07.13 Measurement and communication of performance in higher education sector. A comparative study of Poland and Nordic countries
International projects:
  • 2016.09.01–2018.08.31 Skilled Business Leaders for Skilled Europe (Lead4Skills), GÓRSKA A., DOBIJA D., HAŁAS-DEJ S.
  • 2016.01.01–2016.10.31 Management and Leadership Development Needs, GÓRSKA A., DOBIJA D., HAŁAS-DEJ S.
  • 2016.01.01–2016.08.01 Effective Usage of LinkedIn
Participation in conferences:
  • 16th Biennial Cigar Conference, 2017
  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Special Forum Workshop, 2017
  • Oxford's Women's Leadership Symposium, 2016
Additional Information
Membership in internal committees and academic organizations:
, Kozminski University