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Department of Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Business


Articles in scientific journals:
  • KĄCIAK E., KOŁADKIEWICZ I., WOJTYRA M., Thongpapanl N. (2020), The role of social networks in shaping entrepreneurial exit strategies, INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, online,
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  • WOJTYRA M. (2016), Facilitating business transfer in Poland – an analysis of matching platforms, MARKETING I RYNEK, 12, s.27-36
  • WOJTYRA M., KOŁADKIEWICZ I. (2015), External succession in a family firm. The significant challenge for contemporary economies., PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚĆ I ZARZĄDZANIE, Zeszyt 7, Część I, s.23-38
Scientific Activities
Participation in conferences:
  • 6th Scientific Conference Family Businesses, 2016
  • , 2015