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Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies


Scholarships/ / Awards:
Scholarship for the best PhD students.
Scholarship for the best PhD students.
Scholarship for the best PhD students.
Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarship (Minister of Science and Higher Education).
1st Prize in the Contest for the Best Annual Paper in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities, University of Warsaw.
Articles in scientific journals:
  • RODAK O. (2019), Hashtag hijacking and crowdsourcing transparency: social media affordances and the governance of farm animal protection, AGRICULTURE AND HUMAN VALUES, online, s.1-14
  • RODAK O. (2017), Twitter as an Object of Sociological Inquiry and a Source of Social Data: Constructivist Perspective, STUDIA SOCJOLOGICZNE, 3, s.209-236
  • RODAK O., MIKOŁAJEWSKA-ZAJĄC K. (2016), Cooperative platforms as an attempt to revise the corporate model of sharing economy, E-MENTOR, 4 (66), s.67-73
  • RODAK O., Szawiel J. (2015), Culture is a a Sissy” The vision of cultural animation in the countryside from the activities of the Association Folkowisko, WIEŚ I ROLNICTWO, 1.2 (166.2), s.157-162
zobacz pozostałe publikacjeukryj pozostałe publikacje
  • RODAK O. (2014), What is Anthropology affraid of? On the particular case of a rejected subdiscipline, PALIMPSEST, 6, s.55-74
  • RODAK O., KRZYWORZEKA P. (2013), How (not) to prepare student for work in business settings, ETNOGRAFIA POLSKA, 1-2, s.105-117
Chapter in monographs:
  • RODAK O., Raburski T., JEMIELNIAK D. (2019), Wiki as a mediating technology of organization in: The Oxford Handbook of Media, Technology, and Organization Studies, T. Beyes, R. Holt, C. Pias, Oxford University Press, s.488-497
  • MIKOŁAJEWSKA-ZAJĄC K., RODAK O. (2017), 'Paradigm Clash' in the Digital Labor Literature: Reconciling Critical Theory and Interpretive Approach in Empirical Research in: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society, -, Association for Computing Machinery, s.1-5
  • RODAK O. (2017), W Lloyd Warner w literaturze z zakresu antropologii biznesowej. Konstruowanie historii i autorytetu dyscypliny in: LLOYD WARNER. Pierwszy antropolog organizacji, P. Krzyworzeka, Wydawnictwo Poltext, s.99-114
  • RODAK O. (2015), Creating and crossing the Boundaries in Budzhak – the case of Old Believers and Orthodox People in Mirnoie in: Lipovanie. Religious culture and identity of Old Believers of the Danube area, Wojciech Lipiński, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, s.331-358
Scientific Activities
  • 2014–2018 Cultural Norms and Social Organization in Open Collaboration Communities
Participation in conferences:
  • Autumn camp of Collegium Invisibile Academic Society in Wilamowice, 2016
  • 9th CEECOM 2016 Conference Media and Communication Studies: Bridging Disciplines, Bridging Countries, 2016
  • The XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress Places of Possibility? Rural Societties in a Neoliberal World, 2015
  • 4th Transdisciplinary Conference of Qualitative Research, 2015
  • Changing Worlds. Ideologies, Utopias and Ambitions in Science and Technology, 2014
Membership in organizations:
, Collegium Invisibile