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Department of Economics


Research area:
  • econometrics
  • economics
  • development economics
  • Economic policy
Articles in scientific journals:
  • KARPA W., Grginović A. (2019), Long-term perspective on venture capital investments in early stage life-science projects related to health care, ECONOMIC RESEARCH-EKONOMSKA ISTRAŽIVANJA, online,
  • KARPA W., Nowakowski J. (2018), Estimating R&D Returns In Health Care Industry, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. CENTRAL EUROPE., vol. 26, no. 2/2018, s.34-46
  • KARPA W. (2017), The Effect of Low-Carbon Innovations on Reducing Environmental Threats to Health, Innovations. Journal of Innovation Economics & Management, 24, s.89-104
  • KARPA W., Nowakowski J. (2015), The innovative, demand-based organizationaldesign for efficient oncological care in Poland: a Voronoi diagram analysis, METODY ILOŚCIOWE W BADANIACH EKONOMICZNYCH, 1, s.126-136
zobacz pozostałe publikacjeukryj pozostałe publikacje
  • KARPA W., Despiney B. (2014), Estimating Economic Regional Effects of Euro 2012: Ex-ante and Ex-post Approach, MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CENTRAL EUROPE, 1(124), s.3-15
  • KARPA W. (2014), Estimating the cost-effectiveness threshold for the ischemic heart diseases: an alternative calculation method designed for health technology assessme, METODY ILOŚCIOWE W BADANIACH EKONOMICZNYCH, 4, s.17-25
  • KARPA W., LEŚNIOWSKA J. (2014), Efficiency of Health Care Systems: Stochastic Frontier Analysis Including Innovation Component, Prace naukowe im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie Pragmata Tes Oikonomias, VIII, s.159-167
  • LEŚNIOWSKA J., KARPA W. (2013), Cross-border healthcare: an outlook for Polish medical services providers, ERNST-MORITZ-ARNDT UNIVERSITÄT GREIFSWALD WIRTSCHAFTSWISSENSCHAFTLICHE DISKUSSIONSPAPIERE, 3, s.32-37
  • KARPA W., Despiney B. (2010), Estimating Economic Regional Effects of Euro 2012, CES Working Papers, 6, s.1-11
  • KARPA W., Despiney B. (2008), Why It Is So Hard? A History of Highway Concession Contracts in Poland, STUDIA EKONOMICZNE, 1-2, s.21-31
  • KARPA W. (2019), Singularities of medical innovations. Economic analysis., Wydawnictwo Poltext
Chapter in monographs:
  • Poupaux S., KARPA W. (2015), Burden of disese attributable to physical inactivity: the European evidence in: Moving Minds - Crossing Boundaries in Sport Science, Thomas Köneck3, Holger Preuß & Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn, s.65
Scientific Activities
  • 2014–2014 Instytucjonalne uwarunkowania alokacji zasobów i innowacyjnych rozwiązań w opiece zdrowotnej
  • 2013–2013 Bogactwo instytucjonalne nakładów na ochronę zdrowia i dostępność innowacyjnych rozwiązań na przykładzie choroby rzadkiej (stwardnienia guzowatego)
Participation in conferences:
  • 22nd Sport Scientific University Day, 2015
  • XVI Conference Quantitative Methods in Economics Research, 2015
  • The 12th International Conference of the Polish Pharmacoeconomics Society ISPOR POLAND 2014, 2014
  • 89th Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International, 2014
  • XV Conference Quantitative Methods in Economics, 2014
  • II seminarium Recent Challenges of Health Care Management in Poland, 2014
  • Social Aspects of Market Economy, 2013
  • 5th International Conference On Social Aspects Of Market Economy, 2013
  • III STATA Users Group Meeting, 2012
  • Public Economic Theory (PET11), 2011
  • 85th Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International, 2010
  • 83rd Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International, 2008
Membership in organizations:
, French Economic Science Society
, Association for Public Economic Theory