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Department of International Law and European Union Law


Articles in scientific journals:
  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2018), The EU regime for e-cigarettes: A rationale compromise or regulatory failure?, JOURNAL OF HEALTH INEQUALITIES, 4 (2), s.62-67
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  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2015), Tobacco and International Trade: Recent Activities of the FCTC Conference of the Parties, JOURNAL OF WORLD TRADE, vol. 49 iss.4, s.665-684
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  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI Ł., Vadi V. (2013), Standards of Review in International Investment Law and Arbitration: Multilevel Governance and the Commonweal, JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW, 16 (3), s.613-
  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI Ł., Arcuri A., Herwig A. (2011), Independence of Experts and Standards for Evaluation of Scientific Evidence under the SPS Agreement - New Directions in the SPS Case Law, THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RISK REGULATION, 2, s.183-188
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  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2019), The Regulation of E-cigarettes: International, European and National Challenges, Cheltenham, EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING
  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI Ł., Werner W. (2015), Deference in International Courts and Tribunals: Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
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  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2010), Regulating Health and Environmental Risk under WTO Law. A Critical Analysis of the SPS Agreement, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
Chapter in monographs:
  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2020), The role of IEL dispute settlement bodies in reinforcing the sovereign rights of States in the field of tobacco control in: Human Rights and Tobacco Control, M.E.C. Gispen, B.C.A. Toebes, Cheltenham, EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING, s.w druku
  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI Ł., Menkes M. (2017), Legality of the EU trade sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation under WTO law in: The Case of Crimea’s Annexation under International Law, W. Czapliński, S. Dębski, R. Tarnogórski, K. Wierczyńska, WYDAWNICTWO SCHOLAR, s.237-257
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  • GRUSZCZYŃSKI ?. (2010), Swoboda przepływu towarów a bariery o charakterze pozataryfowym w prawie Światowej Organizacji Handlu in: Swoboda przepływu towarów, Barcz J., INSTYTUT WYDAWNICZY EUROPRAWO, s.-
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, European Society of International Law
, Society of International Economic Law