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Department of Finance


History of scientific positions:
xxx, Kozminski International Business School, Kozminski University
Lecturer, Slovene Auditing Institute
Articles in scientific journals:
  • MLINARIČ F., Oplotnik Ž., Brezovnik B. (2016), Key economic parameters for an optimal pharmacy network in a regulated environment, TRANSYLVANIAN REVIEW OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES, 49, s.60-77
  • MLINARIČ F., - W. (2016), Decreasing information asymmetry by sharing business data: a case of business non-payers sharing agency, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT, 1/2, s.54-67
  • MIELCARZ P., MLINARIČ F. (2014), The superiority of FCFF over EVA and FCFE in capital budgeting, ECONOMIC RESEARCH-EKONOMSKA ISTRAŽIVANJA, 1, s.559-572
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  • CISZEWSKA-MLINARIČ M., OBŁÓJ K., MLINARIČ F. (2012), How relational capabilities matter? Organizational context and performance of internationally oriented SMEs, Central European Business Review, 3, s.28-36
  • CISZEWSKA-MLINARIČ M., OBŁÓJ K., MLINARIČ F. (2011), Zdolność relacyjna, kompetencje organizacyjne i wyniki finansowe małych i średnich firm słoweńskich, MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 4(111), s.23-36
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  • MLINARIČ F., Brezovnik B., Trpin G., Oplotnik Ž. (2018), Funeral and Cemetery Services with Introductory Notes, Maribor, Inštitut za lokalno samoupravo
  • MLINARIČ F., Brezovnik B., Oplotnik Ž. (2018), Attorneys and Attorney Tariff in Slovenia, InTechOpen
  • MLINARIČ F., Brezovnik B., Oplotnik Ž., Trpin G. (2016), Pharmacy Services in Slovenia, Maribor, Inštitut za lokalno samoupravo
Chapter in monographs:
  • CISZEWSKA-MLINARIČ M., WĄSOWSKA A., Wąsowski K., MLINARIČ F. (2014), Socio-economic development and competitiveness: Poland in: Geo-Regional Competitiveness in East Central Europe, the Baltic Countries, and Russia, A. Zhuplev, K. Liuhto, Hershey, IGI GLOBAL, s.289-317
Scientific Activities
Membership in organizations:
, Slovene Auditing Institute
Additional Information
Membership in management boards:
Executive Board Member, Slovenian Corporate Treasures Association