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Department of Economic Psychology


Research area:
  • economic psychology
Articles in scientific journals:
  • SAWICKI P., MARKIEWICZ Ł., Białek M. (2019), Magnitude effect contributes to the domain specificity in delay discounting, JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING, 1, s.1-10
  • SAWICKI P., Muda R., Goral K., Skrzypek M., Wiśniewska K., Bieniek M., Ginszt M. (2019), Increasing blood glucose level via breakfast meals is not connected with changes in delay discounting., PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR, vol. 210, s.1-10
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  • SAWICKI P., BIAŁEK M. (2016), Side Effects in Time Discounting Procedures: Fixed Alternatives Become the Reference Point, PLOS ONE, 10, s.e0165245
  • MARKIEWICZ Ł., SAWICKI P. (2015), You Cannot be Partially Pregnant: A Comparison of Divisible and Nondivisible Outcomes in Delay and Probability Discounting Studies, PSYCHOLOGICAL RECORD, 66, s.1–8
  • SAWICKI P., BIAŁEK M., MARKIEWICZ Ł. (2015), Introducing conjoint analysis method into delayed lotteries studies: Its validity and time stability are higher than in adjusting, FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, vol.6 (23), s.1-10
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  • BIAŁEK M., SAWICKI P. (2014), Can taking the perspective of an expert debias human decisions? The case of risky and delayed gains, FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 5, s.1-8
  • SAWICKI P., Eliasz E. (2011), Discounting of delayed payoffs before and after the meal, DECYZJE, 15, s.61-71
  • SAWICKI P., TYSZKA T. (2011), Affective and cognitive factors influencing sensitivity to probabilistic information, RISK ANALYSIS, 11, s.1832-1845
  • SAWICKI P., ZIELONKA P., Weron R. (2009), Rzecz o dyskontowaniu odroczonych wypłat, DECYZJE, 11, s.49-70
  • TYSZKA T., SAWICKI P., ZIELONKA P., Dacey R. (2008), Perception of randomness and predicting uncertain events, THINKING & REASONING, 1(14), s.83-110
Chapter in monographs:
  • SAWICKI P., TYSZKA T. (2007), Affective and cognitive factors influencing sensitivity to probabilistic information in: Values and Economy: Proceedings of The 32nd IAREP Conference, Polic M., Bajec B., Komidar L., LUBLJANA: FILOZOFSKA FAKULTETA, s.108-113
Scientific Activities
  • 2014–2017 Discounting of delayed and probability payoffs - one or two processes?
Participation in conferences:
  • The Society for Judgment and Decision Making annuala conference, 2016
  • The International Convention of Psychological Science, 2015
  • EGPROC 2013, 2013
  • Psychologiczne i ekonomiczne wyzwania kryzysu gospodarczego, 2010
  • Psychologia Ekonomiczna 2009, 2009
  • IAREP/SABE 2008 World Meeting, 2008
  • IAREP 2007 Conference - Values and Economy, 2007
  • IAREP SABE 2006 Paris, 2006
  • Workshop on Behavioral Finance and Economics, 2005
Membership in organizations:
, Academic Association for Research in Economic Psychology