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Department of Economic Psychology


History of scientific positions:
Assistant Professor, Centre for Economic Psychology and Decision Sciences, Kozminski University
Research area:
  • economic psychology
Articles in scientific journals:
  • BIAŁEK M., SAWICKI P. (2018), Cognitive Reflection Effects on Time Discounting, Journal of Individual Differences, 39, s.99-106
  • SAWICKI P., BIAŁEK M. (2016), Side Effects in Time Discounting Procedures: Fixed Alternatives Become the Reference Point, PLOS ONE, 10, s.e0165245
  • SAWICKI P., BIAŁEK M., MARKIEWICZ Ł. (2015), Introducing conjoint analysis method into delayed lotteries studies: Its validity and time stability are higher than in adjusting, FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, vol.6 (23), s.1-10
  • MARKIEWICZ Ł., SAWICKI P. (2015), You Cannot be Partially Pregnant: A Comparison of Divisible and Nondivisible Outcomes in Delay and Probability Discounting Studies, PSYCHOLOGICAL RECORD, 66, s.1–8
  • BIAŁEK M., SAWICKI P. (2014), Can taking the perspective of an expert debias human decisions? The case of risky and delayed gains, FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 5, s.1-8
zobacz pozostałe publikacjeukryj pozostałe publikacje
  • SAWICKI P., TYSZKA T. (2011), Affective and cognitive factors influencing sensitivity to probabilistic information, RISK ANALYSIS, 11, s.1832-1845
  • SAWICKI P., Eliasz E. (2011), Discounting of delayed payoffs before and after the meal, DECYZJE, 15, s.61-71
  • SAWICKI P., ZIELONKA P., Weron R. (2009), Rzecz o dyskontowaniu odroczonych wypłat, DECYZJE, 11, s.49-70
  • TYSZKA T., SAWICKI P., ZIELONKA P., Dacey R. (2008), Perception of randomness and predicting uncertain events, THINKING & REASONING, 1(14), s.83-110
Chapter in monographs:
  • SAWICKI P., TYSZKA T. (2007), Affective and cognitive factors influencing sensitivity to probabilistic information in: Values and Economy: Proceedings of The 32nd IAREP Conference, Polic M., Bajec B., Komidar L., ---, LUBLJANA: FILOZOFSKA FAKULTETA, s.108-113
Scientific Activities
  • 2014–2017 Discounting of delayed and probability payoffs - one or two processes?
Participation in conferences:
  • The Society for Judgment and Decision Making annuala conference, 2016
  • The International Convention of Psychological Science, 2015
  • EGPROC 2013, 2013
  • Psychologiczne i ekonomiczne wyzwania kryzysu gospodarczego, 2010
  • Psychologia Ekonomiczna 2009, 2009
  • IAREP/SABE 2008 World Meeting, 2008
  • IAREP 2007 Conference - Values and Economy, 2007
  • IAREP SABE 2006 Paris, 2006
  • Workshop on Behavioral Finance and Economics, 2005
Membership in organizations:
, Academic Association for Research in Economic Psychology