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Department of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology


Research area:
  • coaching
  • managerial (business) simulation games
  • projects management
  • decision support systems
Articles in scientific journals:
  • SZNAJDER P. (2016), Project management model for implementation of budgeting in the University - case study, Torun Business Review, 3, s.53-61
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  • SZNAJDER P. (2014), Economic intelligence agencies.Study from the customer’s perspective, KRYTYKA PRAWA – NIEZALEŻNE STUDIA NAD PRAWEM1, 1, s.523-543
Chapter in monographs:
  • SZNAJDER P. (2011), Bankruptcy in simulating games in: Bonds and Bridges: The Use of Simulation Games, Bielecki W., Gandziarowska - Ziołecka J., Pikos A., Wardaszko M., ALK, s.141-152
  • SZNAJDER P. (2011), Organization Culture as a Source of Competitive Advantage in: 11th Global Conference on Business and Economics, Atul Gupta, Joy Grant, MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY, s.1-23
  • SZNAJDER P. (2010), Implementing coaching based on competencies in: Coaching as a method of developing human potential, Czarkowska L., WYDAWNICTWA AKADEMICKIE I PROFESJONALNE, s.237-244
  • SZNAJDER P. (2008), Creating model of excellence of Polish Project Managers with using metaprogram-based tools in: Oxford Business & Economics Conference, Gupta A., Oxford, s.1-3
  • SZNAJDER P. (2007), Towards Perfect Organization in: 2007 Oxford Business & Economics Conference, Gupta A., OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, s.1-3
  • SZNAJDER P. (2006), ROI z e-learningu in: Multimedia w organizacjach gospodarczych i edukacji, Kiełtyka L., DIFIN, s.250-258
Scientific Activities
Participation in conferences:
  • New trends and good practices in the management of organizations, 2016
  • 11th Global Conference on Business and Economics, 2011
  • 42nd Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association, 2011
  • OBEC, 2007
Membership in organizations:
, Polish Coaching Association
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