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Department of Economics


Research area:
  • commercial law
  • Corporate Law
  • Antritrust Law
Guest lectures in foreign or national academies/ universities:
University of Warsaw, Poland
Articles in scientific journals:
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  • KÖHLER C. (1991), Development aid through anti-trust law?, -, NOMOS
Chapter in monographs:
  • KÖHLER C. (2002), Personality Rights in Germany - Appropriateness of a Comprehensive Protection in: International Intellectual Property Law & Policy, Hugh C. Hansen, -, Juris Publishing, Inc
  • KÖHLER C. (2001), International Exhaustion and Parallel Imports Commentary on International Exhaustion in: International Intellectual Property Law & Policy, Hugh C. Hansen, -, Juris Publishing, Inc
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Additional Information
The European Law Advisory Board of Georgetown University Law Center
Membership in management boards:
Vice President of the supervisor board, Andreas Schmid Logistik AG (Augsburg, Germany)