Kapsuła czasu
31 May

Time Capsule Burial Ceremony with the Letter for Future Generations

A Time Capsule containing a letter to the future community of Kozminski University, as well as items typical for the present time, will be buried in front of the main building of the University as a part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. It will be opened in 20 years, during a unique milestone - the University's 50th anniversary. We have prepared this capsule, thinking about the future generations and for anyone who’s interested in witnessing, how the world is changing.

Together with the Rector's College, we invite all of you to participate in the symbolic burial of the capsule on May 31st (Wednesday) at 12:00 PM -  in front of the main building of Kozminski University. In the Capsule we will place, among other things: a letter - message to future generations, an article, and a letter from Professor Andrzej Koźmiński regarding the future of the European Union, a commemorative 30th-anniversary T-shirt, a gift from the Student Council, as well as current editions of "Financial Times" and "Rzeczpospolita". While preparing the time capsule, we try to imagine the circumstances surrounding its opening and the reading of the letter to the future generations. We think, how much things will change in the social and economic environment, but also how significant role our community will play in these transformations. We believe that through our students, graduates, employees, and business partners, the world will become a better place.

We also hope that loads of today's students and employees will participate in the opening of the capsule in 20 years, reminiscing about the moment of its preparation and burial, along with the emotions associated with that event.