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09 December
Open meeting for students (and not only): Legal Brief: A Quick Glimpse into Practicing Law in the USA

Our Legal Interdisciplinary Science Centre at Kozminski University is hereby inviting all interested individuals to attend a open meeting:  "Legal Brief: A Quick Glimpse into Practicing Law in the US".

Speaker: George P. Cuonzo, a US attorney at law with over 30 years of professional experience. 

Topic: Introduction to various aspects of the US legal profession including:

  • Who can practice law in the US?
  • What are the educational and licensing requirements?
  • What is the Bar Exam like?
  • What are various states’ licensing requirements—can one practice in more than one state?
  • What are the available career paths?
  • Would you be able to become a US attorney?
  • The presentation will be followed by the questions and answer session and discussion.

Date: 9 December 2020 Time: 19:00 CET

If you want to join, click here.

George P. Cuonzo

In the photo George P. Cuonozo with Judge Bartucci.