28 May

Launch of Leothon Chat GPT

Leothon ChatGPT has already launched !

Are you ready for a round-the-clock challenge that you will not want to take a break from?

Just like during every Leothon, this time you are going to face a practical task. You will work it out as a team, spending a round 24 hours at Kozminski University. In your struggle, you can count on our mentors’ support and the long working time will pass pleasantly accompanied by games, pizza and other attractions. 

At the Leothon your team can win up to PLN 5,000!

The task for you - What business-related problem can ChatGPT solve? 

Come up with your idea, design a prototype of it and propose how your solution can be communicated to its audience.We are looking for workable, scalable, lasting solutions. One that will have a real impact on business reality. How to join the Leothon?

1) Register on the platform https://www.kozminskihub.edu.pl/

2) Join the challenge "Leothon ChatGPT – recruitment task (prepare a report briefly up to one page describing your/your team's idea)“.

3) Create a team of one person if you are applying on your own, or add more people if you already have a team (minimum 1 person should be KU graduate or student)

4) Accept the terms and conditions (if you are applying as a team, it is important that each team member accepts the invitation and also accepts the terms and conditions).

5) The final step is to submit a recruitment task by filling in a questionnaire about your idea for using ChatGPT.

What will you do during Leothon?

At the Leothon, you will work with a team that you can create as early as the recruitment stage or in the first hour of the event. You will come up with an application of ChatGPT for business. We want an ethical, transparent solution with real impact.

You will develop your idea in several steps, which will require programming skills from a minimum of one person in the team. You will learn the details during the Leothon.


Taking part in the Leothon is guaranteed to be exciting fun; an experience that builds the team and proves how many valuable things you can work out in a short period of time. 

In addition, three teams receive cash prizes from us:

1st place – PLN 5,000 

2nd place – PLN 2,000 

3rd place – PLN 1,000

Timetable of Leothon GPT

17.04 – start of recruitment

7.05 – end of recruitment

17.05 – selection of 8-10 teams that will participate in Leothon

22.05 – online workshop

24.05 – online workshop

28-29.05 – Leothon

If the thought crosses your mind that the Leothon could be something for you, you're right ! We keep our fingers crossed for you and your team !

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Event organisers:



Start Rekrutacji (Start of recruitment)
Koniec Rekrutacji (End of recruitment)
Wybór 8-10 zespołów, które wezmą udział w Leothonie (Selection of 8-10 teams that will participate in Leothon)
Warsztaty Online (Online workshop)
Warsztaty Online (Online workshop)
28 - 29.05