11 June

Kozminski University Online Open Day for Bachelor Programs

Do you think about best business related studies? Join our Bachelor Open Day and discover the world class education at Kozminski University!

When? June 11th at 4:00 PM (CEST) Where? Online via the Clickmeeting platform (get the link to the event by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!) Why? This is the best opportunity for you to get all the answers to your questions during a live session with our staff and governance of the University.


You will have the unique opportunity to among others learn more about the following programs:    

Bachelor Programs  


During the Open Day, you will have the chance to meet representatives of our students and our staff, who will be talking about our programs, admission requirements, the facilities, and student life at Kozminski University. 


We can't wait to see you at the KU Online Open Day in English for Bachelor Programs!  
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On this Open Day you will meet:

Monika Sońta, Ph.D.

The Bachelor in Management & Artificial Intelligence program offers a unique opportunity to understand the ways to innovate for the future in the unpredictable business environment. This is delivered through explaining not only academic socio-technological concepts but first and foremost through designing practical business solutions.

Our students can immediately put their knowledge into action thanks to top-notch external partnerships with companies such as Huawei, Oracle, or Microsoft. The focus is on value creation and making an impact by providing our students with skills and attitudes to flourish in future-proof companies.

Monika Sońta, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Bachelor in Management & Artificial Intelligence Program

Krzysztof Chmielewski
Krzysztof Chmielewski, Ph.D.

Moreover, you also have the possibility to go abroad for a part of your studies and gain two highly valued diplomas by choosing one of the Double Degree options with our partner institutions in France, Ireland, Germany, or Brazil. Besides perfecting your English during the course of your studies, we also offer a broad selection of foreign languages to take as an elective course: Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As indicated in our mission, we are supporting our students to make not only a difference in business or society but to have a real positive impact on its development.

I hope to see you soon during our classes!

Krzysztof Chmielewski, Ph.D., Vice-Dean of the College of Management


PhD Grygorii Kravchenko

Are you ready to develop expertise that sets you apart on the market?

The Financial Management Program at Kozminski University ensures your success with:
1. Strategic Partnerships: we maintain partnerships with prestigious financial bodies (ACCA, CIMA, CAIA, CFA) and collaborate with top industry players (BNP Paribas Securities Services, Goldman Sachs, Crisil). We're also aligned with the UN Global Compact, a leading global sustainability initiative.
2. Student-Centered Approach: our approach centers around students, focusing on learning-by-doing. You'll have various options for personal development, access to well-equipped facilities (Bloomberg Lab, E-learning Hub, business simulations), and cover fundamental courses in the first year.
3. Mandatory Internships: every student participates in a mandatory internship, gaining real-world experience, applying theoretical knowledge and testing gained skills. We assist in finding relevant placements with our business partners and promote on-the-job training.
4. International Mobility: an international mobility window in the third year (5th semester) allows each student to spend time at over 200 partner universities worldwide or engage in internships in multinational environments. Additionally, students can benefit from double degree programs and gain two diplomas from prestigious universities.

I invite you to join your peers from all continents, establish an international network of contacts and start exploring employment opportunities in Poland, EU and beyond. Within this unique and dynamic KU culture, we empower new generations of competitive, innovative and ethical professionals, capable of tacking any financial and/or business challenge!

Ph.D Grygorii Kravchenko, Leader of the Financial Management Program

Yuliya Filimonova

Yuliya is a second year international student, originally coming from Belarus and pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Management with a major in Entrepreneurship. Actively involved in student life, she is a proud member of various student clubs, including Kozminski Consulting Club, Kozminski Business Club, MathStat and the Student Ambassador Program. 

She has broadened her academic horizons through exchange programs in Italy, Germany, and Spain. With a strong passion for business analytics and strategic consulting, she is committed to planning a successful career in these dynamic fields.

Paulina Ceglarska

Paulina is a 2nd year Management & Artificial Intelligence student coming from Poland. She is a board member of Kozminski AI-Club and member of Students Council. 

She works at Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit - the biggest tech conference in Europe, and in her free time enjoys water sports. 

Szymon Draus

Szymon is a 2nd year Financial Management student with Swedish and Polish nationality. He is an active member in Kozminski Business Club and SKN Tiger. 

He has a great interest in the stock market and funds management. His future will definitely be in the Private Equity, Investment Funds or Wealth Management sector. 

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Kinga Szner
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