Katedra Ekonomii - Konkretnie o ekonomii - China and Poland
08 November

„China and Poland: A Tale of Two Economic Miracles and the Way Forward” – hybrid seminar about economics

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we invite you to the seminar entitled "China and Poland: A Tale of Two Economic Miracles and the Way Forward", which will take place on Monday, November 8, 2021 at 4:00 PM in a hybrid form, i.e. in a stationary meeting, if epidemiological conditions allow, at the Kozminski University in D/200 room, and on the Zoom platform (link below).

The introduction will be presented by Prof. Marcin Piątkowski from Kozminski University, and the commentary will be given by Prof. Konrad Raczkowski from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

The meeting is the sixth meeting in the series of scientific seminars entitled Specifically about economics, which we organize as part of the cooperation of three research centers - Kozminski University, the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and the University of Economics in Krakow.

The link to the meeting is provided below - just click JOIN THE MEETING button.

Yours faithfully

Prof. Marta Postuła, University of Warsaw

Prof. Anna Moździerz, Cracow University of Economics

Katarzyna Stabryła-Chudzio (Ph.D.), Cracow University of Economics

Prof. Jacek Tomkiewicz, Kozminski University