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26 November

The challenges of bilingualism in Belgium

Kozminski University Department of Law and Scientific Club Lege Artis invite to the meeting:  'The challenges of bilingualism in Belgium'.

The meeting will be chaired by expert Quentin Pironnet, a lecturer at the University of Liège specializing in constitutional law and philosophy of law. He was elected to the Constitutional Court of Belgium in 2019. His research area includes constitutional law, law in social media and the relationship between law and art.

The lecture will focus on the challenges that arise in the legal reality of Belgium, which is a bilingual country.

  • In which language should I submit my documents?
  • What is the easiest language to communicate in?
  • Aachen/ Aix-la-Chapell - are they the same place?

The meeting will be conducted in English.

When: 26.11.2021at 5:00 PM

Where: MS Teams