Tydzień kariery - Dzień kobiet w biznesie
08 March
Career Week: Women in Business Day

As part of Career Week, we invite you to Women in Business Day – 08.03.2021 Scheduled meetings:

  • 10:30-11:30 - How to find a balance between yourself and your career (meeting in Polish)

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The meeting will be hosted by: Asia Piechocka The speaker about herself: I give space for reflection, development, and self-care. I refer to myself as a coach and well-being coach, with a background in psychology. I encourage you to live courageously and mindfully in your own way. I believe in development in accordance with myself and what is the best in each of us. Privately I am a happy wife and mother, a lover of essential oils, yoga, and tap dancing. Find out more about me at www.joannapiechocka.pl.

What will you learn during the meeting? I am convinced that if I had not answered the questions: What is a career for me? What balance do I want to have in my life? Then today I would not be able to say about myself: a fulfilled woman under 30. If you don't set the rules of the game in your life, the world will set them for you. During the meeting, I will share my ways to balance myself and my career. I will invite you to find your own patents for living in harmony with yourself, at work/study, and after hours.

  • 12:00-13:30 - Warsaw Women Network Workshop conducted by Goldman Sachs (meeting in English)

The event will be conducted to remain connected to diverse students and to provide them with an understanding of the firm and our career opportunities. The event will focus specifically on our Warsaw office / Warsaw Women’s Network. Sign up today. The number of places is limited!

  • 15:45-16:45 - How diversed community at work can support my personal growth? Conducted by Nordea (meeting in English)

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Two worlds, aviation and consulting, are dominated by men. Andrea Bielska will tell you how to stay true to your ideals, femininity, and at the same time how to follow your dream career path. Edyta Bednarczyk will present you how we see Diversity and Inclusion at Nordea and how we engage our employees in order to build together a better workplace.