AI in the Clinical Trials
18 January
Webinar - AI in the Clinical Trials. WE! are the Clinical Research

Kozminski University focuses on education based on reliable scientific knowledge, passed on in a modern way, by a properly prepared, experienced team of scientists, business practitioners and entrepreneurs. KU sees his development in the internationalization of the educational process, and international cooperation is one of the elements of the university's success.

The „WE! are Clinical Research" Movement was created with the intention of introducing international contribution to the discussion about clinical trials. In its assumptions, it wants to connect representatives of various environments, industries and nationalities in order to exchange experiences and build wider cooperation and understanding of the goals of our activities.

Therefore, on behalf of the Kozminski University and ours, we invite you to the first Webinar of the Movement „WE! are Clinical Research” Movement.  

Artificial Intelligence in clinical trials?

At the beginning of 2020, a research product designed by artificial intelligence entered clinical trials for the first time. For the first time, but definitely not for the last time! What does it mean for our industry? How will clinical trial planning change? Does this mean that drugs will be able to reach patients sooner?

We will host Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, PhD, KU prof. - an expert in her field, who will introduce us to the world of artificial intelligence and its use in various fields, also in research and development.

The second part will be conducted by Karen Taylor and Maria João Cruz from Deloitte UK, with a lecture entitled: Intelligent Clinical Trials Transforming through AI-enabled engagement. Thay will comment on the last 10 years of research work at Deloitte and present the perspective of necessary changes in clinical trials and discoveries of new drugs.

During the meeting, we will invite you to ask questions to our guests.

Organizational matters

Time and place: January 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM CET, online.

The webinar will be conducted in Polish and English, thanks to the support of the British Embassy in Poland. Technical issues will be communicated to those registered with a link to the event.

We act and support!

Every activity of the "Clinical Trials is US!" will be associated with the support of the Kozminski Foundation, whose goals include activities for the development of science, education and upbringing and supporting gifted youth.

The cost of participation in the Webinar is PLN 50 and the entire amount collected is allocated to the activities of the Kozminski Foundation.

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prof. Przegalińska
Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska

Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska received her PhD in the philosophy of artificial intelligence at the Department of Cultural Philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces at the Kozminski University. Currently, she conducts research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. A graduate of The New School for Social Research in New York, where she participated in research on identity in virtual reality, with particular emphasis on Second Life. She is interested in the development of new technologies, especially green and sustainable technologies, humanoid artificial intelligence, social robots, and wearable technologies.

Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor

Deloitte UK’s Centre for Health Solutions

Karen established Deloitte UK’s Centre for Health Solutions in November 2011. The Centre is the independent research arm of Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health Care (LSHC) practices, providing a trusted source of relevant, timely and reliable insights on emerging trends, challenges, and solutions. The Centre combines creative thinking, robust research, and industry experience to develop evidence-based perspectives on some of the biggest and most challenging issues facing our life sciences and healthcare clients to help them to improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness and, importantly, benefit the patient. 

Recent reports with a life sciences focus include our series of reports on how AI is transforming the biopharma value chain, with separate reports on Intelligent drug discovery, Intelligent clinical trials, and Intelligent drug supply chains. All these reports focus on how innovation and advanced technologies are transforming care delivery and people’s experience of care. Her recent healthcare reports include: Digital Transformation: Shaping the future of European healthcare, Realising digital first primary care and Closing the digital gap: Shaping the future of UK healthcare. Over the past few weeks Karen has launched series of predictions from her team’s report ‘The future unmasked: Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025’; the full report is available from the 9th December 2020.

In addition to reports, Karen presents her research at numerous sector and client conferences and events and publishes a weekly blog which since March has been focused on various issues relating to the impact of COVID-19 on LSHC ( She also provides a weekly update on public health on Deloitte’s COVID-19 fortnightly webinar.   

Karen is a member of the Institute of Chartered Public Finance and Accountants and has extensive experience in leading research into healthcare and life-science issues in the UK and internationally.  In 2002, Karen received an OBE for her work on Health Value for Money Audit work. Since 2011, Karen has been a Non-Executive Director at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust where she chairs the Audit Committee.

Maria Joao Cruz
Maria João Cruz

Deloitte UK’s Centre for Health Solutions

Maria João Cruz is an Assistant Research Manager for The UK Centre for Health Solutions, the independent research hub of Deloitte’s Health Care and Life Sciences teams. At the Centre, she conducts rigorous analysis and research to generate insights that support the practice across life sciences and health care. 

Maria João has co-authored reports that explore the role of artificial intelligence in the digital transformation of biopharma’s value chain, including Intelligent clinical trials and Intelligent drug supply chains. Since joining the team, Maria João has also contributed to the series of annual reports, Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation, which tracks the productivity of late-stage clinical development of various biopharma companies and identifies key solutions that can help ensure a sustainable future for biopharma R&D. 

Maria João has a PhD in Bioengineering and over 10 years of experience in scientific research.

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