Digital Society & New Media Major


Digital Society & New Media - Major on the Bachelor in Management Program

About the major

Today, the presence of the media in everyday life assumes a scale incomparable to any previous period. A clear example of this change is "fake news" and, in response, the growing need to create clear rules for the functioning and credibility of the media. Therefore, this major will allow students to acquire, on one hand, the ability to analyze both media messages, research the impact of content, channels of their flow, and media institutions on the social, economic, political, and cultural life in the short and long term. On the other hand, they will acquire the ability to study the impact of this environment, particularly online, on the media themselves.

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum amount of 17 students sign up for the major.

A word from the major's leader

Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer, Ph.D.

The presence of media in everyday life today is at the same time ubiquitous and unprecedented. Social media, streaming services, AI-enhanced news and recommendations, disinformation and fake news - all these new and emerging features of the media landscape calls for the shaping of new rules how media operate, how they maintain trust, and, finally, how they are managed.

This is why I invite you to join our new specialization, Digital Society & New Media - the first such program in Poland - which is specifically tailored to offer both theoretical and practical approaches, in partnership with major international organizations including Ringier Axel Springer.

You will get a chance to learn how to analyze media content and media strategies for organizations, as well as to research the complex ties between contemporary media and the changing economic, social, political, and cultural reality.

If you are interested in how media organizations work and are thinking about a career in media research and strategy, this is a specialization for you.

See you at Kozminski University!

Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer, Ph.D., Leader of the Digital Society & New Media Major

Partner of the major

Unique values

  • Innovative topics based on the latest global research
  • Seminars and immersion working methods in cooperation with external partners - among others Ringier Axel Springer
  • Tools for analysis of contemporary media institutions, including online, qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • The most important topics in the research of today's media, such as the influence of geopolitical and technological changes on the media, analysis in social media and disinformation (fake news), big data in the media, media ethics.

What you gain from your studies?

During your studies you will gain knowledge, skills and social competences among others in:

  • The analysis of contemporary media institutions, including online
  • The qualitative and quantitative test methods needed in the media environment
  • The implementation of theory in the business world through classes and workshops with both researchers and practitioners, including Ringier Axel Springer

Career opportunities after your studies

Graduates may find employment, among others, in media organizations, dealing with media research, as well as those dealing with media consulting.

Selected courses

  • Society and Technological Change
  • Contemporary Research in Media Studies
  • Challenges of Media Industry
  • Media Discourse Analysis
  • Newsroom Workshop

Class schedule

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.