Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research TIGER

Transformation, Integration and Globalization Research Center is an international - TIGER, independent and interdisciplinary research institute. Its aim is to conduct research on the process of post-socialist transformation of the economies of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia and their integration with the world economy, as well as the accession of post-socialist European countries to the European Union. 

The Center conducts comparative studies in the field of social and political aspects of globalization in other so-called emerging markets. 

Head of the Center
Kołodko G., prof.2
prof. dr hab. Grzegorz W. Kołodko
prof. Tomkiewicz
prof. ALK dr hab. Jacek Tomkiewicz
Piątkowski M., dr hab.1
prof. ALK dr hab. Marcin Piątkowski
dr Grzegorz Malinowski