Interdisciplinary Research Center

One of the most important inhibitors of scientific and didactic development at Kozminski University is working in small faculty- disciplinary teams -“silos” or “ghettos” . 
We do not know what our neighbors working at and we are not really interested in it. As a result, "problematic" research topics are not undertaken or there are dealt with  only from the perspective of a single discipline or even research specialization. From the point of view of the expertise and consultancy recipients, interested in practical comprehensive solutions, this most common approach is worthless. 
The mission of the Interdisciplinary Center ALK is to change this situation by promoting, initiating and implementing, or monitoring and facilitating interdisciplinary projects both in research and teaching, training and expertise. Such projects should be realized through the cooperation of representatives of different disciplines (in the field of economics, social and legal sciences) employed in various departments and other faculties of the University. It is about creating a climate facilitating interdisciplinarity.