human race

Human-Machine Interaction Research Center

The research center will focus on conducting research in the field of interdisciplinary science dealing with the design of user interfaces and the study and description of phenomena related to the use of widely understood computer systems by people, with particular emphasis on artificial intelligence systems. The task of the Centre is to contribute to the development of widely understood AI technology with respect to human dignity and fundamental rights, in accordance with the standards of the European Union and OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development);

The aim of the Centre is to initiate, organize and coordinate various forms of scientific activity in the field of interdisciplinary research on human-machine interaction, as well as research in the field of artificial intelligence and its relation to business strategies and the functioning of the organization.

The tasks of the Center will include in particular:

1) coordinating research projects concerning the research topic;

2) promotion of research results;

3) organizing international conferences, workshops, seminars, summer schools and other scientific events;

4) undertaking cooperation with other research centers, both domestic and foreign;

5) applying for research grants, including those from foreign institutions.

6) undertaking cooperation with business, especially with technology companies working on research topics.

Structure of the Center:

1) Director of the Center

2) Center Council

3) International Advisory Board of the Center: Prof. Peter Gloor (MIT), Prof. Francesca Grippa (Northeastern University/ Harvard University), Dr. Andrea Fronzetii Colladon (University of Peruggia/ MIT),

4) Centrum Business Council: Tomasz Kozar (Microsoft), Rafal Kuklinski (Amazon), Eliza Kruczkowska (PFR)

The Centre Council, the International Centre Council and the Business Council are appointed and dismissed by the Centre Director in agreement with the ViceRector for Science and Staff Development.