Department of Theory, Philosophy and History of Law

The Department conducts scientific research covering broad topics of theory and philosophy of law, in particular the methodology of legal science. Our team also focuses on a number of specific issues, such as legal rhetoric, lawyer education, private security, cybercrime, the relationship of law and new technologies, and the relationship of law and morality. 

We provide courses among others on introduction to law, theory and philosophy of law, lawyer's skillset, legislative technique, interpretation of law, legal ethics, rhetoric, Roman law as well as negotiations and mediation. 

The Department is associated with Legal Interdisciplinary Science Centre at the Kozminski University (dealing with research on the broadly understood legal education) and the quarterly ‘The Critique of Law. Independent Legal Studies’ (ISSN 2080-1084, eISSN 2450-7938), one of the best-scored legal journals in Poland. 

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