Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is one of the oldest departments created at Kozminski University in Warsaw. 

Relying on their theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience, the employees of the Department constantly invest their best effort to maintain the highest quality of teaching. The expertise of the Department’s staff allows for flexible adaptation of educational offer to the changing needs and expectations of the job market. 

Educational programs incorporate solutions and practices, which accommodate the most current business standards and which are used by the best business schools in the world. Research conducted within the Department results in numerous peer-reviewed publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals. The Department’s staff constantly introduces didactic innovations and reviews the contents of the modules in response to students’ feedback. 

Head of the Department
Prof. dr hab. Paweł Mielcarz
prof. ALK dr hab. Paweł Mielcarz
dr Dmytro Osiichuk
Dr Bartłomiej Cegłowski
dr Bartłomiej Cegłowski
Dr Mieczysław Grudziński
prof. ALK dr Mieczysław Grudziński
prof. Hanna Kuzinska ALK
prof. ALK dr hab. Hanna Kuzińska
Franjo Mlinaric
dr Franjo Mlinarič
dr Marcin Ocieszak
dr Marcin Ocieszak
Podgórski B., dr
dr Błażej Podgórski
dr Grzegorz Szafrański
Dr Paweł Wnuczak
dr Paweł Wnuczak
Sławomir Wymysłowski FiR
prof. ALK dr Sławomir Wymysłowski