The Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics was formed from the merger of two departments, the Department of Entrepreneurship and the Department of Business Ethics. The chairs were merged in April 2017. The Chair of Entrepreneurship at Kozminski University (ALK) was one of the first chairs of entrepreneurship in Poland. It was active practically from the very beginning of the university, which was originally called the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management. This reflects the university's orientation towards educating not only managers but also entrepreneurs. That is why the Department of Entrepreneurship has always functioned as an independent organizational unit, and not as a department or institute subordinate to the Department of Management. Since its earliest years, the Chair of Entrepreneurship at ALK has offered courses on entrepreneurship to students.

Currently, after the merger of the Faculties, the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at ALK is developing its didactic offer even better, as well as taking up new research challenges and participating in projects aimed at direct support of Polish entrepreneurs.

Kierownik Katedry
prof. ALK dr hab. Izabela Koładkiewicz
Dariusz Bąk
dr Dariusz Bąk
prof. ALK dr Zbigniew Bochniarz
Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Cieślik
prof. dr hab. Jerzy Cieślik
Profesor Wojciech Gasparski
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Gasparski
Dr Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak
dr Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak
Bolesław Rok
prof. ALK dr hab. Bolesław Rok
prof. ALK dr Patricia B Sanders
prof. ALK dr Charles Stowe
prof. ALK dr Adriaan Van Stel
dr Marta Wojtyra-Perlejewska