Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at Kozminski University specializes in research on the harmonization of four basic regulators of the economy: households as the most important regulator of the economy, enterprises, markets, and the state and society. As part of the research, new theories of household behavior are identified, especially their ability to self-develop through investment consumption and discovering their principles of functioning (including neuroeconomic experiments). New theories of enterprises (so-called confirms) and rules of effective competition are identified. Much attention is paid to the so-called co-productive goods, the most important of which are health goods (the chair has many achievements in the field of health economics), infrastructure goods (the department has many achievements in the field of regional economics) and social goods (the department has a large contribution to the research on the integrated development index BDI-ALK) . In frames of teaching and research the department works closely with the TIGER Research Center, within which the most important contemporary global challenges are analyzed.