Centre for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility (CRASH)

The Center for Research on Social Change and Mobility (CRASH) takes a closer look at the concept of social change and the mobility, and looks at it in an interdisciplinary way, inviting researchers from various disciplines around the world to participate in this process.  

By combining qualitative and quantitative research methods in social sciences, we undertake empirical research on critical social problems in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe in relation to a wider social context. We take into account such phenomena as globalization, migration, pandemics, economic changes and new technologies that directly shape and change various areas of human life and entire societies. 

In the coming years, the Centre for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility will investigate into social, behavioural and economic issues concerning human mobility, the quality and character of work, the structure and flow of organization and community life in response to national and global processes of social and economic transformations.