Center for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The mission of the Center for Logistics and Supply Chains is to conduct research activities in the field of the impact of changes in politics, economy and technology on the functioning of current  networks and supply chains.

The Center undertakes consulting and training activities to support enterprises and public institutions in implementing best practices related to information technologies in logistics and the supply chains.

The Center is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature and emphasizes partnership and cooperation with stakeholders within KU, enterprises and business practitioners, students interested in the subject of logistics and supply chains.

The research projects carried out by the Center are interdisciplinary and concern all aspects of the functioning of the networks and the supply chains in the areas of information technology, management, economy, marketing, transport, purchasing, labeling, packaging, recycling, and are used for expertise and scientific publications.

The Center participate in the development of the scientific network "CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals" in Europe and the world, cooperates in specific areas, projects and conferences with other research centers in the country and abroad.