Double Degree Master
in Finance and Accounting with
Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University




About the studies

In 2021, Kozminski University signed a double-degree agreement with the Graduate School of Management (GSOM) at St. Petersburg University (Russia). Within the framework of the bilateral agreement, the qualified students of the Master in Finance and Accounting Program majoring in Corporate Finance, or Corporate Reporting and Accounting will have the opportunity to receive the graduate degree of GSOM at St. Petersburg University by completing two semesters (3rd and 4th semester) of relevant coursework at the campus of GSOM in Russia.  

Studying in Russia for a full Master's Program often coincides with huge costs. Thanks to the double degree program you will be able to attend and gain a diploma from a renowned Russian university by spending just a part of your studies there.  

This partnership opens new attractive international mobility options for the students of both partner institutions.    After passing all the required courses, completing an internship in a relevant position, and defending master dissertation, the participants of the double-degree program will obtain the graduate degrees of both signatory universities: 

  • Master in Finance and Accounting from Kozminski University 

  • Master in Corporate Finance from the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University

The Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU) is a leading Russian Business School. It was established in 1993 at St Petersburg University, which is one of the oldest classical universities, and the largest center of science, education, and culture in Russia. Today GSOM SPbU is the only Russian Business School that is included in the top-100 best European Schools in the Financial Times ranking and has two prestigious international accreditations: AMBA and EQUIS. The GSOM Advisory Board includes leaders from business, government, and the international academic community.   The students qualified for participation in the double-degree program will spend the first two semesters doing regular coursework at Kozminski University. During the final year, students will study at GSOM. Participation in a double-degree program allows students to experience diverse learning methods, enhance their employability, and enjoy a sojourn in a dynamic community of a globally acclaimed university. 


Message from Our Partners
Konstantin Krotov, Ph.D.

The future belongs to partnerships, alliances, and collaborations: it helps to look at goals from different angles, quickly respond to changes and create relevant and demanded products. In the new academic year, together with Kozminski University, we are launching a double degree program within the Master in Corporate Finance program: we will exchange experiences, compare our aims and results, and provide students from both sides with comprehensive knowledge that can be applied anywhere in the world. Kozminski University and GSOM SPbU are long-standing academic partners, our relationship has been tested over the years, and dozens of exchange students. I am confident that the new level of cooperation will bring business schools closer together and make our Master programs more interesting and practice-oriented!

Konstantin Krotov, Ph.D., Executive Director of GSOM SPbU

Alexander Andrianov, Ph.D.

We are happy to start a deeper cooperation between GSOM and Kozminski University. I think that a new double degree program will help to educate experts in finance, who will successfully operate on national and international markets. The Master in Finance and Accounting program at Kozminski University is highly ranked by FT and considered to be one of the best in the world. And I am confident that the double degree program will make the study process more interesting and practice-oriented due to business practitioners involved in teaching, a list of new courses implemented together with leading Russian companies, and the academic traditions of Saint Petersburg University!

Alexander Andrianov, Ph.D., Co-Head of the Working Group on Updating the Master in Corporate Finance Program (MCF) at GSOM SPbU

Selected Courses

The obligatory coursework at GSOM includes, among others, the following courses.

Semester 3:

  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Fixed Income and Dirivatives
  • Applied Project in Finance (Project-based Industrial Internship)
  • Real Options

Semester 4:

  • Financial Technologies
  • Deal Structuring (Professional Practice)
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Audit and Assurance


Class Schedule
  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Part-time programs

Part time program classes take place on Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).

Admission Requirements

Double Degree program in Finance and Accounting is available only to students of standard Master in Finance and Accounting program. Students should apply during their third semester of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the Double Degree. The admission requirements for Master in Finance and Accounting are available HERE.

The admission to Double Degree program is based on students GPA during studies at Kozminski University. Double Degree application may require submission of additional documents.

Olga Żochowska
Concerning the details you may contact the Coordinator of Double Degree programs
Olga Żochowska