Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek


Professor Grzegorz Mazurek is a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB). During his time at the PUEB, he received a scholarship for two years of study at the University of Tilburg, one of the best European business schools. Among other things, Mazurek worked there as an Assistant and received his third master’s degree (in Organization and Marketing). After returning to Poland in 2005, he defended his dissertation and obtained a doctoral degree from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The thesis concerned the adaptation of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange to the conditions of Poland’s “new economy” after the country’s transition from Communism. 

Prof. Mazurek has worked at Kozminski University since September 2005 in the Department of Marketing; first as Senior Assistant, then as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and since May 2020, as Full Professor. In 2017, he completed the development program at the IESE Business School in Barcelona.   


In September 2020, Mazurek assumed the position of the Rector of Kozminski University for a four-year term.

In 2012–2020, he held the position of Vice-Rector for International Relations responsible for the overall strategy of internationalization, international accreditations. and marketing of the university. 

Moreover, Mazurek also holds positions directly related to his academic career as he is: •    member of the Council for the Plan for Work and Development, an advisory body to the Minister of Development, Work, and Technology; •    member of the Commission for International Cooperation at the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland; •    member of the Advisory Board for Central and Eastern Europe of the European Foundation for Management Development; •    member of the SEM Forum Management Education Association; •    member of the Team evaluating international projects at Poland’s National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA); •    President of the International Advisory Board of the French business school ISC Paris

In 2016–2018, he supported the Minister of Digitalization as a member of the Digitalization Council.   


At Kozminski University, Mazurek coordinates several study programs related to digitalization in the broad sense: Kozminski MBA Digital, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital Business Transformation, and Industry 4.0 Manager. In 2014, he created two master’s degree programs: Management in Virtual Environments and Master in Management (in Virtual Environments); the latter was transformed into Master in Digital Marketing in 2017. Beginning with 2019, Mazurek’s original subject “Digital Transformation” was introduced into the master’s program in management. All the mentioned studies educate hundreds of students, listeners, and managers every year. These studies are also a platform for cooperation between the Academy and outstanding practitioners who represent many innovative entities, thanks to which the market perceives Kozminski University as an educational institution at the forefront of modern innovation.

Mazurek was Visiting Professor at, among other places, ESCP Europe, SKEMA Business School, and École de Management de Normandie (France), ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute (Portugal), Nottingham Trent University (UK), Soongsil University (South Korea), Universidad Del Pacifico (Peru), Reykjavik University (Iceland). 

He teaches at all levels of education (B.A., M.A., Postgraduate, MBA, executive MBA, Ph.D.), in subjects such as Marketing, Digital Transformation, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Digital Marketing.   

Additional information:

Grzegorz Mazurek received many awards for publication and scientific achievements. In 2014, the Minister of Science and Higher Education awarded him with the medal of the Commission of National Education for special merits for education and upbringing. In 2015, Mazurek received the LUMEN award presented to leaders in higher education management (category: internationalization). In 2017, he received the EDUinspirator award (from the Foundation for the Development of the Education System) for people active in the field of education who contribute to positive changes in their surroundings. In 2020, Mazurek received the Star of Internationalization award in the scientific research category from the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation. 

He works closely with the digital economy milieu, including the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the Chamber of Digital Economy, the Digital Poland Foundation, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. He implemented consulting projects for such brands as the Senate of the Republic of Poland, Nokia, Nikon, Polpharma, Egmont, PZU, Michelin, IKEA, Mars Inc., and Vivus.  

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In his research work, Grzegorz Mazurek specializes in the themes of digital transformation of organizations, e-commerce, and digital marketing. He is particularly interested in the changes that digitalization processes engender in the higher education sector. His scientific output includes 4 monographs, 8 JCR-listed articles, dozens of English- and Polish-language chapters, dozens of scientific articles and other studies published by such publishers as Emerald Publishing and Routledge, along with such journals as European Management Journal, Business Horizons, Journal of Management Analytics, Harvard Business Review Poland, Economic and Business Review, Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, Contemporary Management Research, Central European Business Review. His h-index is 15, and Google Scholar records 936 citations.

Mazurek authored Transformacja cyfrowa – perspektywa marketingu (Digital Transformation: A Marketing Perspective; PWN, 2019) and edited or co-authored the textbook E-marketing – planowanie, narzędzia i praktyka (E-Marketing: Planning, Tools, and Practice; Poltext, 2018), awarded in early 2020 by the Polish Academy of Sciences as a leading textbook in the discipline of management and quality sciences.

To date, he managed several large research grants, including a PLN 1.2 million research and teaching project funded by European funds of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System and Fundusz Stypendialny i Szkoleniowy, along with three national research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Moreover, he actively cooperates in international science teams: he is a member of the Big Data Research Center at ESCP Europe Business School. 

Mazurek promoted four PhDs. He currently works with another four young scientists on the completion of their doctoral dissertations which focus on personal brands in the Internet, the role of customer privacy in creating relations with brands, the digital maturity of organizations, marketing automation, artificial intelligence in marketing, and consumer ethnocentrism.