Prof. Agnieszka Grzelak

Department of International Law and European Union Law
KU Professor

Professor Agnieszka Grzelak teaches in the Department of International and European Union Law. Since 2016, she has been a member of the Supreme Court Research and Analyses Office. Currently, she works at the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights as a member of the expert committee on the respecting of civil rights in secret services activities, a member of the scientific council of the Association of Information Security Administrators (SABI), and a member of the expert corps of Poland’s National Science Centre. She authored about eighty scientific publications in the field of legal sciences, including English publications. She is a principal investigator and researcher in projects financed by the National Science Centre and other institutions. She received awards for research achievements and publications.


Research projects:

2020researcher in the project financed by the European Commission Representation in Poland concluded with the publication: J. Barcz, A. Grzelak, R. Szyndlauer (eds.), Problem praworządności w Polsce w świetle dokumentów Komisji Europejskiej. Okres dialogu politycznego 2016-2017 (The Rule of Law in Poland in the Light of European Commission Documents: The Period of Political Dialogue 2016–2017; Warszawa: Dom Wydawniczy i Handlowy Elipsa, 2020).

2009–2020 – FIDE project “The New EU Data Protection Regime: Setting Global Standards for the Right to Personal Data Protection;” country reporter; project concluded with the publication by A. Grzelak, M. Wróblewski, “Poland,” in: The New EU Data Protection Regime: Setting Global Standards for the Right to Personal Data Protection, ed. J. J. Rijpma (Eleven Int. Publ.), pp. 477–496.

2013–2015 – principal investigator in the National Science Centre grant OPUS no. 2012/07/B/HS5/03908: “Standard ochrony danych osobowych w obszarze współpracy policyjnej i sądowej w sprawach karnych w Unii Europejskiej” (Standard for the Protection of Personal Data in the Area of Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Cases in the European Union).



2020 – Kozminski University Rector’s Award for scientific achievements.

2016 – honorable mention in the category of the best book on European integration awarded by the Polish European Community Studies Association.


Educational outreach activities:

– Statements in the media (press, radio, online), e.g.,500005.html.

– Teaching civics at Kozminski University to high school students:


Teaching innovation:

– In the academic year 2020/2021: development and implementation of a program for optional tutorials/masterclasses conducted in a practical form – writing procedural writs and analyzing judicial decisions:

– Recent Case-Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union;

– International Protection of Human Rights;

– Privacy and Data Protection in the European Union.

– With Professor Jan Barcz: the organization of seminars on EU law in which students prepare and present articles that receive commentary from experienced lecturers, e.g.