PhD Ilona Hunek

Department of Strategy
Research Assistant

Publikacje w czasopismach naukowych:

HUNEK I., Geary J. (2019), "Strategic imperatives, power and subsidiary performance: the transfer of human resource management practices in multinational companies operating in Poland’s post-socialist banking industry", INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS JOURNAL, vol. 50, issue 4, s. 362 - 377, afiliacja: ALK.

RZĄDCA R., KIROV N., HUNEK I. (2001), "Zarzucanie kotwicy: wpływ oferty wstępnej na wynik negocjacji", MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 6, s. 10-13, afiliacja: WSPIZ.

Rozdziały w monografiach:

Aguzzoli R., HUNEK I. (2019), "How regional are regional headquarters? The ‘Latinisation’ of control in European structures of a Brazilian MNC", w: Andreas Breinbauer, Louis Brennan, Johannes Jäger, Andreas G. M. Nachbagauer, Andreas Nölke (red.), Emerging Market Multinationals and Europe.  Challenges and Strategies., Springer International Publishing AG, s. 83-101, afiliacja: ALK.

HUNEK I., Geary J. (2016), "Institutional transition, power relations and the development of employment practices in multinational companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe", w: Delteil, Violaine and Kirov, Vassil (red.), Labour and Social Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe: Europeanization and Beyond, Routledge, Abingdon, s. 60 - 76, afiliacja: ALK.