M.A. Dominika Winogrodzka

Sociologist, social researcher. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology (Market Research and Public Policy Analysis specialization) from the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University. She is currently a PhD Student of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at SWPS University. She is preparing a PhD dissertation on the impact of spatial mobility on young people’s situation in the labour market. Her research interests concentrate on youth studies, career studies and mobility studies. She specializes in and conducts courses in the methodology of qualitative social research. She has published in renowned journals, both international (ournal of Youth Studies, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, International Migration, Journal of International Migration and Integration), and national (Studia Socjologiczne, Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej, Studia Migracyjne-Przegląd Polonijny). She is a laureate of numerous scholarships from the National Science Centre (SONATA BIS, OPUS) and Rector's SWPS University scholarship.  

She collaborates with the Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility​ (CRASH) at Kozminski University, where she is a researcher in “BigMig: Digital and non-digital traces of migrants in Big and Small Data approaches to human capacities” project (OPUS-19, National Science Center scholarship). At the SWPS University, she is involved in the projects such as "Education-to-domestic and- foreign labor market transitions of youth" (Sonata Bis 5, NCN) and "MIMY: Empowerment through liquid Integration of migrant youth in vulnerable condition" (Horizon 2020). She is a laureate of grant Preludium-20 from the National Science Centre, she led the project “Work (in)stability and spatial (im)mobility from the perspective of young people on the move. Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Main publications:  

WINOGRODZKA D., Trąbka, A., Pietrusinska J. M. (2023). “It’s about mindset”. How do young migrants in Poland build their resilience?, JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND MIGRATION STUDIES, s.1-21. affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS 

WINOGRODZKA D. (2023). ‘Stability is a foggy concept’: work stability from the perspective of young people with mobility experiences, JOURNAL OF YOUTH STUDIES, s.1-21. affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

WINOGRODZKA D. (2023). „Nie jest to życie, które oni rozumieją, w ich mniemaniu moje życie jest bardzo niestabilne”. Młodzi dorośli o stabilności zawodowej własnej i swoich rodziców, PRZEGLĄD SOCJOLOGII JAKOŚCIOWEJ, 19 (4), s. 12-45, affilation: Uniwersytet SWPS 

Arendas, Z., Trąbka, A., Messing, V.,  Pietrusińska, M. J., & WINOGRODZKA, D. (2023). Agency of Migrant Youth in Hostile Sociopolitical Environments: Case Studies from Central Eastern Europe. Social Sciences. 12(4), 210, affilation: Uniwersytet SWPS 

Czeranowska O., WINOGRODZKA D. (in print). Career trajectories, skills transfers and work stability of educated Polish migrants returning from the UK, INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

WINOGRODZKA D., Grabowska I. (2022). (Dis)ordered social sequences of mobile young adults: spatial, social and return mobilities, JOURNAL OF YOUTH STUDIES, 25 (2), s. 242-258, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

WINOGRODZKA D., Sarnowska J. (2019) Tranzycyjny efekt jojo w sekwencjach społecznych młodych migrantów, PRZEGLĄD SOCJOLOGII JAKOŚCIOWEJ, 15 (4), s. 130-153, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

WINOGRODZKA D., Mleczko I. (2019). Migracja płynna a prekaryzacja pracy. Przykłady doświadczeń zawodowych młodych migrantów z wybranych miast średniej wielkości w Polsce, STUDIA MIGRACYJNE-PRZEGLĄD POLONIJNY, 1(171), s. 85-106, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

Pustułka P., WINOGRODZKA D., Buler M. (2019). Mobilne pokolenie wyboru? Migracje międzynarodowe a płeć i role rodzinne wśród Milenialsek, STUDIA MIGRACYJNE-PRZEGLĄD POLONIJNY, 4(174), s. 139-164, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS. 

Sarnowska J., WINOGRODZKA D., Pustułka P. (2018). The changing meanings of work among university-educated young adults from a temporal perspective, PRZEGLĄD SOCJOLOGICZNY, 67 (3), s. 111-134, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS.



Pietrusińska, M. J., WINOGRODZKA, D., & Trąbka, A. in collaboration with J. Oliveira, & R. Catherine (2023). RESEARCHING YOUNG MIGRANTS IN VULNERABLE CONDITIONS. METHODOLOGICAL AND ETHICAL GUIDELINES BASED ON THE MIMY PROJECT, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS 

Pustulka P., WINOGRODZKA D. (2021). Unpacking the Mobility Capacities and Imperatives of the ‘Global Generation’. In: Cairns D. (eds) THE PALGRAVE HANDBOOK OF YOUTH MOBILITY AND EDUCATIONAL MIGRATION. Palgrave Macmillan, s. 47-61, affiliation: Uniwersytet SWPS

  • Member of the Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility at Kozminski University (CRASH) 
  • Member of Youth Research Centre at SWPS University 
  • Member of the European Sociological Association (ESA) 
  • Board Member in The Foundation for The Development of Social Research