Kazimierz Zieliński

PhD of Information Technology, scientific researcher in Social Informatics, academic lecturer 

Post doc in the research project “BigMig: Digital and non-digital traces of migrants in Big and Small Data approaches to human capacities” carried out at the Kozminski University in Warsaw (Poland), under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Izabela Grabowska. 

He conducts research in the realm of Social Informatics with use of natural language processing, text mining, big data analysis, processing of data from social media, Wikipedia, dialogue systems. 

Since 2019 Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology- Warsaw, Poland (PJATK). In 2019 he defended his PhD thesis   “Formal model, methods and algorithms for detecting controversy of Wikipedia articles and search queries”. 

“Tell Me How You Feel: Designing Emotion-Aware Voicebots to Ease Pandemic Anxiety In Aging Citizens”, 2022, preprint http://arxiv.org/abs/2207.10828 

Published code of a dialog system for booking of services (project RPMA.01.02.00-14-b405/18-00), 2022,    https://github.com/selidor-hub/DialogueSystem 

“Computing controversy: Formal model and algorithms for detecting controversy on Wikipedia and in search queries”, Information Processing & Management, Vol. 54, Issue 1, January 2018, p. 14-36 

“Document controversy classification based on the wikipedia category structure”, Computer Science, 2015, Vol. 16 (2) 

“Predicting Controversy of Wikipedia Articles Using the Article Feedback Tool”, Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Social Computing, August 2014 

“Mobile telecommunication systems changed the electronic communications and ICT market”, 2013, Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology

  • Member of the Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility at Kozminski University (CRASH) 
  • Member of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, Chamber for Electronics, IT and Telecommunication