Change for Students and Faculty 

Frequently Asked Questions 

On the 15th of May 2012 Kozminski University e-mail services will change 

Old e-mail service from this date will not recive or send any e-mails. How to prepare and use the mail service after the 15th of May? 

What will change? 

The change will include a range of activities over a period of time between the end of Aprill 2012 and 15th of May 2012. To find out about the details, please select your role on campus:

Benefits of the change:

  • 25 GB for your mailbox
    Your new mailbox will accommodate countless number of correspondence, about 500 thousands of messages, files with documents, or about 8000 attachments with pictures.
  • This means a substantial increase in existing capacity of your account:
  • a thousand times - in the case of students,
  • up to forty times - for faculty and staff. 
  • Mailbox valid for entire life
    The new mailbox will provide you with lifetime access to your messages. Regardless of if you'll still work or study at Kozminski University, your email address will be active all the time. You will have access to all your messages and the ability to send emails. 
  • Better access to mailbox via web browser
    After the changes you will have access to your e-mails via a web browser with convenient features of the Outlook Web Application (learn more).

  • Greater reliability
    Transfering e-mails to the new system also increases reliability of the service. Mail servers will be supported by Microsoft, one of the largest and best known companies in the world. That way we can offer you an even more stable envirorment to handle your emails, than ever before. You will be provided with access to your messages at any time, from any place on earth - All that is required is internet connection.
  • Access to the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook 2010
    On the desktops of the staff and faculty members mails will be transferred from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook 2010. The new software offers several features that enable easy and effective use of your mailbox (learn more).
  • Access to Microsoft Lync
    With the change of the mail system you will be granted access to Microsoft Lync, convenient tool for communication between students, staff and faculty. With it you will be able to easily create online meetings, transfer materials and work together on a virtual platform. (learn more).

More information & Contact with IT Department 

We encourage you to get familiar with the Frequently asked questions and the content of other pages on this website. You will find many useful information that will answear the most of your questions.

If you did not managed to find the desired information, we encourage you to contact Kozminski University IT Department:

  • e–mail at
  • telephone 22 519-21-45 (14th-20th of May 7:00-22:00), on other days according to the office hours 
  • personally e invite you to room A115 from Monday to Friday 7:30 - 19:00 and at the weekends. 8:00 - 16:00
  • Also on the 14th-16th of May 2012 in the Atrium (10:00-18:00) IT department will establish a special stand which will provide all necessary information and assistance.

We are happy to provide you with all necessary assistance.

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Instant messaging and audio/video calls in Microsoft Office 365 service operated by Microsoft Lync Online

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