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When the current mail system will stop running?

Changing e-mail system is a process involving a number of activities over a period of time. Some changes will be introduced from the end of April 2012., And the final transfer to the new system will take place on May 15th 2012.

To see the detailed process off the changes, read the information pages for  students and faculty.

Will my old messages disappear?

No all messages that appear in your mailbox, in each of the folders will be retained. No messages will be removed.

If after 15th of May 2012 after logging at messages do not appear in your inbox, see the information for Faculty & Students.

Will I be able to send and receive emails during the change?

Yes, the change of the mail system will be conducted in such a way, to enable mail service to work without interruption. Throughout users will be able to both send and receive emails.

Will my e-mail adress be changed?

No, Changing the mail system does not affect the e-mail address.

Will my mail client continue to work?

On 15th of May you will need to change setting that you use  in order to recive and send e-mail 

If you use desktop computer on campus, IT staff will take care of all necessary changes.

IF you recive mails on your laptop or at home, please read content of page for students & Faculty, where you will find instructions and tips how to configure your mail client

Will i still be able to access my mailbox via phone or mobile device?

From the 15th of May 2012 You will required to configure your device in order to access e-mails. To view detailed configuration instructions, see content of page for students & Faculty

In the old system I used to redirect mail messages received from the university email account on a private box. Is this redirect will still work?

No. After changing the mail system, you will need to define all the message rules again. This also applies to redirect incoming mail to another mailbox.

Is my signature added to email messages will work in the new post office?

If you have used signatures by sending e-mails through the site or by or GroupWise installed on campus, you will need to create new signatures when the change will occour. To learn how to create a signature in Outlook 2010, refer to the materials regarding that program on the subpage.

Mail via the web browser 

How you can log into the mail through a web browser?

Website address for access to email via a web browser will remain the same as before:

After 15th of May 2012 on the login page, type your full email address in the form of You will get the message "You have to login to the domain" Click on the words "Log in" button under that message. 

In the window that appears, enter your login (only what is before and password - the same that you use in other computer services at the university.

For the detailed information on how to access mailbox via a web browsersee the guide in PDF file.

When I log at do not see any of my messages. What happened to them?

After 15th of May 2012. Students & Faculty must follow a few simple steps that will enable them to access all the mails in the mailbox of the old mail system. The website for students and faculty includes detailed information on this topic.

What will happen to my task list and calendar?

The task list and calendar from will not be preserved. We recommend saving them in a safe place.

If you used the calendar in GroupWise on the desktop at the university, IT staff, if necessary, will move your calendar to Outlook 2010.

On the new webpage I cannot find all the options I require. What should I do?

We encourage you to read the guide, that will show you how to navigate on the site, you can also click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the page and then select "Help" This displays a page containing a lot of detailed information on how to use e-mail via a web browser

The transition from GroupWise to Outlook 

Does GroupWise on computers at the university will stop working?

With the change of the mail service, all computers on campus will be preinstalled and configured with Microsoft Outlook 2010. From 15 May 2012. GroupWise will not work. IT staff will contact directly with the users of computers at the university and carry out all changes.

How can I learn how to use a new program?

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the webpage regarding use of Outlook where you can find all manuals and guides on this program prepared by the IT department manuals and guides on this program.

Will I have access to the GroupWise archive?

Yes, your archive will be transferred to the new mail system.You can be sure that none of your messages will disappear.

Will my calendar and tasks be saved with GroupWise?

Your GroupWise calendar must be manually moved from the old program to Outlook 2010. IT staff will carry out all necessary operations during the changes on your computer.

GroupWise Task List will not be available from 15th of May 2012. We recommend saving it in a safe place.

Will rules which I have entered into GroupWise will be preserved?

No after the change the program from GroupWise to Outlook rules must defined once more. To learn how to do this, read the materials available at Outlook 2010 webpage

Where can I find additional information about Outlook 2010?

IT department has prepared information materials, showing how to perform key processing of mail and calendar in Outlook 2010. All these materials are on site regarding Outlook 2010.

E-mail and calendar in Microsoft Office 365 supported by the Microsoft Exchange

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