Why us?

We specialise in management, economic, and financial development programmes. Unlike in the case of most training companies, our instructors have a very extensive scientific knowledge and carry out research in the broadly understood field of management themselves. This approach lets us argue and explain WHY we should act in a specific way during our workshops. Only when the training participants understand WHY something works, they change their attitude and become convinced that it is actually reasonable to act differently in their professional setting and in their relationships with other people. Our academic teachers and coaches, apart from being engaged in teaching and scientific projects, have extensive practical experience in many industries thanks to having worked for global corporations and consulting companies. They are therefore able to draw on their practical experience and their scientific work at the same time to familiarise training participants with both the techniques and the motivation behind their actions. They are also able to work with attitudes and behaviours, making use of real-life examples.

At Kozminski University we educate senior- and middle-level managers employed at national and international institutions and corporations. Our development projects broaden the horizons and develop the skills of employees. Each development programme takes into account the individual needs, the interests, and the preferences of the client organisation.

Development programmes for business

Development programmes are individually designed training and consulting programmes for companies, delivered in close collaboration between Kozminski University’s coaches and academics and the client.

We start from an analysis of the organisation’s needs and use the results of the diagnosis to recommend actions aimed at achieving the expected development goals for both individuals – managers – and the entire organisation. Then, we design appropriate modules interconnected with each other to form a consistent whole.

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Examples of development programmes in our offer:
Organisational transformation

The programme is a unique combination of education and consulting.

Recommended especially to companies and institutions who face the challenge of quick implementation of many projects simultaneously or of implementation of a major change in the organisation.

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Leadership Academy for High Potential Managers

Programs dedicated to a selected group from given organization holding managerial and specialist positions.

Program participants acquire new business, personal and leadership competences, in order to hold top managerial and expert positions in their companies in the future. Program includes workshops on: leadership, team management, self-presentation and public speaking, time and task management.

Akademia Przywództwa dla menedżerów High Potential
Leadership and Innovation Academy

The aim of the Program is to prepare middle and senior managers for the role of leaders in changing business environment.

Practitioners who in their organizations (corporations/new ventures/investment funds) lead or have led projects, changes and implementations related to areas of leadership in transition and change, new trends and business models, the development of the organization in times of technological revolution, building company value in a changing environment and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business have been invited to lead the program modules.

Akademia Przywództwa i Innowacji

Programme key points:

Real projects

Working with the use of real projects and documentation templates of the client

Scope of the subject

The scope of the subject matters arranged with the client


Consultation of projects carried out by programme participants


A possibility to support the transformation process of the organisation from the external level of the Project Management Office.

Passing the course

To pass the course, programme participants will be required to perform and analysis and a prepare a plan of a real project, which will be eventually implemented

Project Management Academy

The awareness of the role and significance of the project approach in companies is growing. However, in order for the adoption of project work standards to actually increase the effectiveness of a company’s operations, it is important to promote project thinking across the entire organisation. Kozminski University adopts a comprehensive approach to client-companies’ needs related to training and education in the area of project management. We put emphasis on both the acquisition of as much knowledge as possible and on the improvement of competence in project management. For it is not knowledge itself but the competence of project managers, understood as the application of knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to achieve the desired results, which is of great value in the world of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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Programme key points:


Workshops to consolidate and share knowledge in the field of project management, conducted with the use of real projects carried out by a given organisation

Scope and duration

The subject matters covered in the programme and the duration of the programme are arranged with the client and adapted to the actual needs of their organisation.

Pilot projects

Pilot projects implemented in the organisation with the support of a consultant

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