Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński (project leader)


Long-standing Rector of Kozminski University, currently KU President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Professor of economics. Prof. Kozmiński is a fellow of the Fulbright Foundation, has lectured, among others, at the University of California (UCLA), Washington University and the Sorbonne. Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński is the author of over 400 academic papers, including 48 books, published in multiple languages and awarded with numerous distinctions. His research interests are focused on leadership, organization and management theory, international management, management in post-socialist states.


Anna K. Baczyńska Ph.D.


Assistant Professor at Department of Management, Kozminski University, specializing in the field of Work Psychology and Stress. Her professional experience includes working for Orange, TP S.A. She carried out consulting and training projects for, among others SONY Poland, NASK, Idea 25, Getin Noble Bank, Skoda, Roche, Makro, PKO BP, ABB, TP SA, Orange, PZU SA and others. Her abstraction interests focus on the competences and determinants of the success of various professional groups on the labor market. He conducts projects to diagnose human potential in organizations. Creates and adapts tools for diagnosing various psychological variables for business. Author of many publications regarding the measurement of managerial competences. Guest lectures: ISC Paris - School of Management (2012); Palermo University (2013); Athens University of Economic and Business (2014); ISEG Lisbon. (from 2-7 May 2016) Course title: Ledership Competencies; Shanghai University (April 2-5, 2018)
Course title: Bounded Leadership Model.


Paweł Korzyński, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor at Department of Management, Kozminski University and a visiting scholar at INSEAD Business School. In 2011-2013, he participated in the research program at Harvard University. His research interests include leadership and online social networks. Paweł Korzyński has 10 years of experience in consulting projects for companies such as Carl Zeiss, Medlab, Scania, Black Red White. He is the author of texts for magazines such as the Harvard Business Review and the International Journal of Manpower.


Katarzyna Piotrowska,  M.A.


Faculty member  in the Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Technology, Kozminski University. She teaches Statistics and Social Research Methodology. Ms Piotrowska graduated from Kozminski University with an MA diploma in Management and from Academy of  Special Pedagogy, where she studied at the Department of Pedagogical Sciences. She continues her postgraduate education in the Institute for Social Studies, Warsaw University. Being a student of Doctoral Studies, she carries research in the field of cognitive aspects of entrepreneurial decision taking.   Ms Piotrowska's main scientific interest areas include psychology of decision taking and perception of risk. When undertaking research activities in these fields she cooperates with the Economic Psychology and Decision Research Centre at Kozminski University. She also gets engaged in interdisciplinary projects on economic attitudes and economic behavior.