Between Law and Economy – Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies

Between Law and Economy – Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies

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01.08.2018 - 31.07.2023
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Our project is aimed at:

  • individuals with a master’s degree, with a second-cycle qualification;
  • individuals eligible for the “Diamond Grant” programme based on a decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education;
  • individuals interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in juridical science (including other scientific disciplines – finance, economics, and sociology – in the programme of doctoral studies);
  • individuals with knowledge of English proven to be at the level of at least B2;
  • individuals to pursue a career in research or research and development or in the area of economic law.

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality and effectiveness of doctoral education at KU through the creation and implementation of a high-quality programme of interdisciplinary doctoral studies in ECONOMIC LAW taught in Polish until 31.12.2022.

Doctoral studies in ECONOMIC LAW are a response to the growing interdependence between law and economics.Prawo coraz częściej odsyła do kategorii przynależnych do innych dyscyplin badawczych, w tym ekonomii.  Law increasingly refers to categories belonging to other research disciplines, including economics. Pursuing a career as a business lawyer and conducting legal research requires more and more often interdisciplinary knowledge. For instance, the fields of economic law such as competition law, regulation of infrastructural sectors, or financial law demand lawyers to have expertise in the field of economics. In order to address this situation, KU offers a programme of full-time doctoral studies ending with a doctoral degree in juridical science, designed at the same time as an interdisciplinary programme, taking into account the interdependence between law and economics.