Artificial Intelligence in Business Major


Artificial Intelligence in Business - Major on the Master in Management Program

About the major

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence in Business Major is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge, skills and social competences required for successful implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to solving real business problems.
During the program, the students will advance their programming and data-scientific competences as well as learn to apply deep learning and natural language processing to business cases and organizational strategies. Moreover, participants will have at their disposal various workshops related to Algorithmic Bias, and AI Ethics and Governance as well as new and emerging business models. This major is an opportunity to take a deep dive into the next wave of digital transformation of organizations that embraces AI, data management, edge computing and IoT, but does not shy away from societal problems.
It is a perfect choice for those who merge technological skills with advanced management competences. The program aims to educate the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, ready to solve global problems by putting AI to good use.
Students who have not acquired skills in Python and machine learning during their undergraduate studies and are interested in choosing the Artificial Intelligence in Business major should complete the following two courses, offered as electives, during their first year of graduate study:  
  • Basic Python and Machine Learning (semester I)
  • Advanced Python and Machine Learning (semester II)

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum amount of 17 students sign up for the major.


Partners of the major

A word from the major's leader and coordinator

Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska

We have created this program because we believe that general purpose technologies, such as AI, will transform our lives and our professional world. We also believe that the more of us feel confident in using AI the better it is for everyone. Fair, transparent and accessible AI for wide business applications is a mission we embark on.

Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, Leader of the Major

Jan Zygmuntowski, MA
Innovation can never be taken for granted. We believe that leaders need to better understand AI and data-driven technologies to be active stakeholders in the ongoing technological revolution. Our aim is to equip students of this program with the right skills to benefit from the change, but also direct the change. After all, we use tools only to solve problems, so we designed the program to develop this problem-solving capacity.

Jan Zygmuntowski, MA, Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence in Business major

Program highlights

Unique in the region

Our students will benefit from the only Major of this kind in the region. The unique blend of technological skills and managerial competences attracts candidates from around the world,  rendering the program a regional hub for digital economy.

Experienced lecturers

The program is led by accomplished lecturers with strong, international background. Our scholarly staff are both business professionals and academics, understanding the needs to cross sectoral silos.

Technological Partners
To ensure that the students learn best industry practices, we established close partnerships with technology providers. Leading companies offer their tools, knowledge and career opportunities to Kozminski University students.
Hands-on workshop

Students learn by working directly with code and on real business problems. Lecturers serve as mentors in this process, helping with technical difficulties and consulting projects.

Emerging technology outlook

The program never stops updating. We always make sure that the latest & incoming technologies are taken into account, thus allowing the students to stay ahead of the market in understanding what innovation comes next.

Career opportunities

The studies provide knowledge and competences enabling students to take up employment as a data analysis specialist. They also give valuable preparation for work in consulting (especially in IT consulting) and in corporations on managerial positions.

Typical organizations employing graduates are production and service enterprises, banks, insurance and telecommunications companies, but also the public administration, as well as research centers for data analysis and organizations focused on the digital economy: e-commerce, start-ups.


Selected courses

  1. Unique courses such as:  
  • Programming in R
  • Managing IT and AI Projects
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing 

Class schedule

Part-time online programs

Part time program classes take place on Thursday and Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).