Our mission and values

Our mission and values


We are leveraging our entrepreneurial flair and expertise in the areas of sustainability, digital transformation, and ethical leadership to help our stakeholders address contemporary challenges. 


Kozminski University – a world-class, broad-profile business school in the heart of Europe. 


Our values

We offer our students a fully pluralistic learning environment based on the universal values of the Western world and the age-old tradition of the European open university. 

A critical determinant of curriculum design is continually updated knowledge based on reliable scientific sources – and its practical application. 

We incorporate the latest digital technologies and applications of artificial intelligence and Big Data into the teaching processes, the study programs, and the management practices at our University, adhering to the principle that technology should serve people, improve their performance and the quality of their lives, and not deprive them of their personality and enslave them.

We respect the principle of separating the private opinions of our faculty members, staff, and students from the values promoted by our University. Public statements made by persons affiliated with Kozminski University reflect their own beliefs and not the opinions of the entire KU community, which is inherently diverse, democratic, and accustomed to open and uninhibited debates, which are the essence and raison d’etre of universities and other higher education institutions.

We are an international university and we are proud to be able to bring together people of different political views, representatives of different schools, faiths, nationalities and give all of them a platform for cultural exchange through formal research projects, lectures, and seminars.

We foster good, inspiring relations with business and our immediate environment by offering the University as a space for research cooperation, exchange of ideas, incubation of social and economic innovations, for students to take part in internship programs and on-the-job training, as an environment to create original case studies. We get involved in projects aimed at economic progress, positive social change, implementation of advanced technologies, environmental audit.

The lesson we teach is that the goal of business is to make a profit, and that hard, measurable economic indicators are the primary measures of market success. We also stress the importance of the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of economic activity. Sensitivity to beauty and to the arts as well as concern for the vulnerable teach creativity and encourage us to constantly improve and develop ourselves so that we can be more effective managers and better people overall.   We build the Kozminski University community in the spirit of ethical standards and sustainable development goals. We are guided by a concern for physical and mental health, people’s emotional comfort, human rights, and the preservation of the planet’s natural resources. Even the slightest suspicion of lawbreaking, xenophobia, discrimination or hate speech in our community is investigated by disciplinarians, who may impose regulatory penalties on individuals committing any acts of this kind (including exclusion from the academic community).  

We identify with the ideas of the European Union as a great development project. In our everyday activity, we engage in its creation and development by participating in the research of European Union law, critical analysis of EU institutions, acceptance of the Sustainable Development Goals, and through active involvement in the debate on the economic future of the EU and the world.

We draw from the rich tradition and history of Poland, from the courage and steadfastness of our ancestors in the fight for the independence of our homeland, from their entrepreneurial spirit, which enabled them to survive numerous wars and partitions, the German occupation, and Soviet domination. Since 1989, Poland has been a fully democratic and independent, sovereign state. It is also a member of the European Union and NATO. It is a European leader in economic growth. And it is our graduates who make all this possible by running family businesses, managing large corporations, doing their best as specialists in all sectors of the economy, working for government and local administration institutions.

Academic etiquette, traditions, and customs, respect for the founders of the University, academic authorities, and for the outstanding achievements of our colleagues serve to build our reputation and strengthen the bonds that unite the graduates, students, faculty, staff, visitors, and other stakeholders of our University, and we are therefore all obliged to uphold and respect them.