KU vs COVID-19

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KU vs. COVID-19

The time of the coronavirus pandemic is a huge test for everyone. Organizations had to switch rapidly to a new way of functioning, change their strategies, adapt to new challenges. For us COVID-19 was an additional incentive to create “a new school for a new world”. Our entire community – researchers, lecturers, and administrative staff alike, supported by students’ approval and willingness to collaborate, has engaged with great commitment in digital transformation in its broadest sense.

KU community vs. COVID-19

The time of the coronavirus is a huge test for everyone. Organizations must drastically switch to a new way of functioning, change their strategies, adapt to new challenges, thinking about how to survive, learn how to operate in new conditions and undergo rapid evolution most often through digital transformation.

For Kozminski University, COVID-19 is the main driver for creating a ”new school for new times”. Kozminski community - faculty and administrative team got involved in socially responsible and supportive actions along with rapid digital change for the sake of our students.

In the attached report (updated on Dec 2020) you will find a summary of KU actions during the critical months of Covid-19.

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The New Normal - Reality in the times of the global COVID-19 pandemic

The global pandemic, which appeared in Poland in March 2020, changed the reality that surrounds us. In front of our eyes, a reconstruction of many aspects of everyday and economic life takes place.  The question of which fragments of the present Covid-19 reality will remain with us permanently and which will pass away remains open.

The intention of this study is to show how Kozminski University Faculty sees “the new normality” - what it means and what it can mean for the economy, business, society and the environment.

Nowy rok akademicki 2020/2021

Digital transformation

When in March 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic at the national level a decision was made to suspend classes at universities, within a few days we transformed the course of study into a virtual form. Our goal was to provide students with immediate continuity of classes at the highest possible level. With the enormous effort of our teaching staff and IT staff, we quickly launched a remote learning mode. In the first days we trained our employees practically nonstop to know how to effectively implement remote learning.

At the end of March, 90 to 100% classes were held online, depending on the type of studies. Every day, the university delivered an average of 132 online lectures and exercises.


Online ready

In the face of an uncertain epidemic situation and as a result of our use of innovative technological and organizational solutions we prepared the university for various scenarios. Starting from the optimistic variant, when all classes can be held at the university under a sanitary regime, through the hybrid variant, a combination of online and offline education, to the most pessimistic variant, when it is necessary to conduct all classes in a virtual environment.