National Rankings 


As of 2020, Kozminski University is the best business/economic school in Poland according to the national rankings. The ranking takes into consideration both non-public and public institutions.

Additionally, in 2020 Kozminski University received the first place among non-public universities in Poland for the 21st consecutive time in the national ranking of the educational magazine "Perspektywy".

This high ranking was primarily due to the fact that KU holds international accreditations, has its own educational database and high internationalization.  

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In the ranking of universities prepared by “WPROST”, one of the bestselling weeklies, Kozminski University has held FIRST PLACE from 1998 until 2011 among non-public univesities. The evaluation criteria was the quality of education, career prospects for graduates and achievement of teaching staff. Since 2013, the editors of “WPROST” have adopted a new set of guidelines for the preparation of the rankings. It is now created on a the basis of questionnaires sent out to 500 of the largest companies in Poland. Employers respond to the question of which university graduates do they prefer to employ or have employed. In 2015, KU for the third time received FIRST place in the private university category.